TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4 reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
YYAAAAAR-DEUBEULEU-GLOU-NADOUBEUDEU-PPPPTTTTTTTTT-WWWAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGEUBEULEU you can not imagine the evil I had to transcribe in writing the dialect of the only devil of Tasmanian that I know. Yes TY is a Tasmanian Tiger... but the species is extinct since 1936 so we do with what we can. And for those who ask, this is what it means: TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4 is a very classic and quite mediocre platform game. Understand that there is much worse in the genre, but also much better. The most important thing in a platformer is the gameplay. The one in the game is very conventional. We jump a lot to get to the end of the level by beating or avoiding the enemies who show up to us and harvesting opals to buy new weapons or other costumes for our character. We do not beat the enemies by jumping on them, we must either use our weapons (boomerangs), or bite them in the body to body. Besides the goal of reaching the end of the level, it is also often necessary to accomplish a certain mission (activate mechanisms across the level or defeat some enemies) to unblock the output. During the jumps, you can also glide a bit, but the game does not really exploit this mechanics. This only serves to reach points or objects farther away, there are no drafts to carry us for example. TY's control sometimes leaves you wanting. Without it being catastrophic, it is not Super fluid to steer, and tends to glide when arriving on the moving platforms. The Hitbox is also strange sometimes (rarely), one is touched when one should not, or unharmed when one should have been touched. Some passages are much more difficult than others, often because of the enemies who hide and pass through the walls (their projectiles also)... aerial and aquatic enemies are horribly vicious. Fortunately, there are many checkpoints and there is no life counter. So... We cannot really lose. Count between 5 and 6 hours to finish the story by taking your time. Next to just finish the level, there are also various things to do, such as finding the 2 lost children in each level, looking for the "hidden" fruits, the secondary quests of the levels, or even the mini-games (against the clock, catching the Turkey, and arena of peril). There are few, but there are also some levels out of the ordinary, including boss fights, and the 2 dive passages. The costumes to buy are purely visual and offer no advantage or disadvantage. Weapons on the other hand can bring a plus. One of the weapons to buy makes the hidden platforms appear, it is very useful. But unfortunately, it's the only one that really brings something... others bring variety, some are a stronger hair, others a little faster than others, but nothing really meaningful and it's a pity. The most useful weapons are unblocking by advancing into history. Objectively, the graphics, sounds and music are not bad. The game has its identity, you just have to hang on. It hasn't really been my case, but if it obviously didn't make the game better, it didn't make me any less good either. Yes, the language of the Tasmanian Devils expresses many things with few words/sounds. To conclude in the current language, TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4 is one of those games that are not unpleasant but fail to make our eyes shine. We take a little pleasure in playing and finishing it, but unless exceptional cases we will not really keep memories in the medium term. However, since it is not bad, it is not expensive, and is not unpleasant to do, a positive assessment does not seem to me undeserved. Did you like this evaluation? Find others by joining our editorial group: we prefer them cold.