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Product received for free Early Access Review "Is an unusual combination of RPG and strategic genres, where the gameplay has absorbed the best traditions of hardcore games." It Was written about the game by its creator. In fact there is no RPG. This is another stupid arena. You don't play a role there. Just move and as an idiot kill emerging enemies. What's the role? The Best traditions in the game and does not smell. But the worst he collected richly. Let's Start with hardcore. The Most important element of hardcore, as it is understood by the developer is management and physics. Make it a misery to get to where you poked him with the mouse, and also in the right side of the face, it's still hardcore. The Character can not fight, if it is a little bit sideways to the attacking enemy. To Turn around a little bit he also can not, only 90 degrees. That is to turn the other sideways to the enemy and stand again. Go One step he does not understand. The Minimum distance understood by him will be ten steps. At the same time he constantly clings to something and gets stuck. That is, when you again kill five minutes just to get this idiot to come to this monster, stop near him, turn to him face and still have something to do with it, you will have time to regret buying more than one hundred times. Yes, such a deity of the engine meets even in high-budget projects, but zach6m to drag this uncontrollable trash to itself? The Game is not optimized, resources require MOM darling, with a dummy dummy. There are two altars-a portal in which you can hire minions and send them to battle. A source of force with security is sticking out Between the portals. Who interrupted the guards, that good and captured the source. The Guards are reborn and fighting for him. Familiar? Familiar. And even many times. All This plagiarism, probably is "absorbing of the best different genres". The Coriousness of performance, it is apparently the know-how of the developer. You can Fight in the arena with bots or with other players. No. Not correctly said... Multiplayer is dead, so you can fight bots. Arena Options: Hold the power source or destroy the enemy portal. "An interesting and deep story with a well-thought-out World of Tiran" (c) In fact, that's all, too. Here right now the store Trims offers to save on buying this game 70%. I suggest you do more daring and save all 100% by just passing by. Graphics 5/10 Gameplay 2/10 Music 0/10 Plot 0/10 Localization 6/10 The Game was obtained through a program of interaction with curators. More Reviews in the curator group.