UFO: Aftermath reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
So, the game is over, you can with the mat to write a review. The Review is written with the support of free Vmon Betternet, because the roscomterror rukozhopit so that even the store is not only available to all. And reviews too. Briefly, the game is a Osovremennyj X-Com (UFO), but, to the mind of the first part has not been brought. In particular, the replay of the game is minimal, in fact, the interest is only high difficulties for the masochists. And more deployed. 1) The story part, in fact the plot here as a result is far from the original X-Com, similarity only in general terms. I rather reminded the story of Andrey Livadnogo's book "Another Reason", a good way to book. And The plot there in turn, wrapped up pretty well. The Story part is very short, described as only in the most general terms. This is generally minus the whole game, as in the classic Eksah probably. 2) Graphics, weak. All Kinds of animation, explosions, movement, design of the gides or armor with the farts, looks pretty. But the graphic design seems to me quite old, even for my years. 3). Technotree-Production. Well, on the one hand here everything is explained not worse than X-Сom, less complicated weapons you can not use without studying. On the other hand, if the Ex-coma completely dominated the alien weapon, here we have a balance. For Various armor requires different weapons. By the Way, considering that in the original X-Com on US does not work all world scientific community and capacities, there we as that too quickly all investigate. In This regard, this game again looks realistic. There are literally all the survivors working for us. And If we consider that scientific towns and others are usually secret, they are clearly not so easy to destroy the infection that killed the civilian population. 4) Combat part. Well, kind of good, reminds me of the $5. However, relative to the E4 is not the best interface, and realism is not enough. No bleeding, first aid kits are treated completely (in Е5 it is possible to cut down for fun, it will be JA)), Persian after treatment does not bear any consequences. Well, then the hospital's going to get away. POPSA-S. Of the good in the Boevka, quite quickly kill even in the best armor. Enemies as in the E4, quickly change the armament to a new. So in the end, pureed and oryasiny walking with macroaccelerators particle and launchers) Well, be affected to the half, not a plus and not minus here Boevka. 5) So to say ent, ie description and history. I liked the approach. I think this case is comparable to X-Com Apocalypsys, or both. Everything is described in detail. Also, I liked the links of airplanes and UFOs, kamikaze singles here. The Truth with logic is at least a couple of things. 1) Instantaneous modernization of aircraft. 2) Single helicopter for the whole game. As players joked, the bioattack of the aliens first of all killed people and helicopters! 3) What Lie we teleporting on the base for protection, find ourselves scattered all over the base? Apparently live tired. 4) We are declared the coordinator of all forces of the Earth, but in armament first only F.......... E Scorpions, stakes and shotguns. Well, yes, povojuj with such on the medium-high, when the Fragi at once with the machine guns running, and close to approach not in a hurry) 5) AI still rather weak. Of the pros, get our wounded. The Rest, after the E5 is just sad. And from the pros for personally myself. Atmosphere, music. Music is just good, and a good highlight of the advancing fur animal. On a good fret does not adjust at all. The Atmosphere of the general end is in stock, except that it did not hurt to add a bunch of survivors like people in different psycho-state, hostile or simply frightened to the terrible, a mission to rescue them, etc. Although, maybe Auxiliary forces are engaged in this, and our special squad works on the most difficult areas. The Game is recommended, at once perfectly fits. But the reasons to pass again, not found, although of course you can fill the muzzle retikuljanam in the last battle. But given that the continuation of the game for this option is not the meaning of their beating is not. And to shoot, me and E5 enough with the Bonus mod. Threat. In Short, a good game at once. Sometimes difficult, and the max complexity is just wild.