UFO: Aftershock reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Downgrave Aftermath-A, and it's still mildly expressed. And if Aftermat I have passed, and several times began to avoid separate mistakes, here each party has not lasted and two hours. In Total, everything starts quite a curve screensaver with a shootout and a chase. We are explained that we have grown on the space station, because the Earth was lost. Retikuljane who evacuated us, where they have dristshave....... Without explaining how to repair and manage the cathedral space station. Well, and eternally dissatisfied people themselves decided to sign a death sentence, starting at the space station riots. Debil Shaw, and they did not have Stalin. On the Board of the stations were found lifeboats, which earthlings to use not could. However, trained apparently as in wacky anime, with a glance at the instrument board, and happily returned to Earth. Where met with the inhabitants, peaceful and not quite. And then-Pomogitja us the owners of the stars! -and again the curve is the version of what a thread colonizing game. Well, in more detail. Brief messages from the command, or messages of the quests, the thorns partially replaced the freaks close-up, people and other factions. And Nothing, be it adequate graphics, well at least E4 or silent storm, it would be normal to look. It is disgusting To look at the Tuquine buratin. The Combat system became rubbish. Enemies are dumb to the point that wanting to finish a half-Dokhlik, do not pay attention that they are cut-shot by the rest of the group. If you pay, it's too late. They Love to throw grenades at the ceiling. They Love to run away from the evil enemy with a knife, having a shotgun, or something cooler. And no would have been led into an ambush..... Just running away. Love to shoot from the distance with 0% chance to hit, oddly enough, smear! It's not better. Not Even able to chase and beat the enemy to death. If the enemy has departed...... The enemy is far away and waiting. That is, without a high advantage in speed, to slaughter for example someone is unreal. Generally after the Aftermat, the interface is No. But It was thought to add the option to crawl the хd. The Tree of technologies is idiotic, we investigate the human language (probably matte, perhaps Russian), we build unclear why factories that strangely do not know how to produce (with the quests of disabled quests modern weapons), or rather Body Armor Basic One plant did, the second did not produced horseradish...... And I somehow do not believe that the people at the space Station limited in terms of armament Laser Pukalkami, which here the horseradish who kill normal. It's not quite clear About the seizure of territories. I have Captured the territory with prey, there is no loot, the base and the plant is not built, but your territory. The Content, i.e. weapons and other things, seems to have become half as much. The Truth has expanded like a stake in protection-implants-Oblibra (Implatnov and Oblibra in Aftermate was not), but there is a missing some balance of weapons and protection. In particular, in Aftermat it was possible to fight effectively obsolete weapon against no small part of enemies. Here, go to the dead, try. The Voice-over has become much worse. In Aftermat I threw out a group of three with frankly unpleasant voices, the others were adequate. In Aftershocked Everything is much worse, there are literally no hearing-impaired voices. By the Way, to protect fighters also not so it is necessary, here they trade friendly fractions, on two ryla at once from each to buy it is possible. In Aftermat not even a very good fighter was valuable. Music, plays some kind of light trash, from which you do not want to play. Threat. I Admit that maybe further the game will be better (with a look at the fact that the Aftermatch for the first time and half an hour did not sit), but hardly it will become so much better that I have enough interest to pass it. And patience was not enough. I do not recommend to Anyone, better play the first part.