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Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

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Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe takes the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe and adds a strategic layer to it.Description
  • Each square of the 3x3 game board contains another, smaller, 3x3 game board.
  • Where you make your move in a square of any small board, you send the opponent in the respective square of the big board.
  • 3 in a row in a small board wins the small board and the big square.
  • 3 small boards in a row wins the game.
  • Strategize your play, plan your next move, let the opponent win some small boards, while you win the game!
  • On the Forget game subtype, each 4th move of the same player in a board will erase his oldest move.
  • Classic and ultimate tic-tac-toe games.
  • Each of the classic and ultimate types can also be played in Forget mode.
  • Single-player.
  • Hot-seat, a multiplayer mode from the same PC.
  • Multiplayer, through LAN or Steam.
  • 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Rankings: play with users closer to your skill level.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Achievements.
  • When the game starts, the player with the X piece will move first, and can place his piece wherever he wants. To let the opponent (AI or friend) place the first piece, you can choose to play with O. Placing the first piece will not give the player such a big advantage as in the classic tic-tac-toe game, he still needs to create a strategy in order to defeat you.
  • Next, your opponent will have to play the board respective to the square that you've just filled.
  • Your next move will be in a board that your opponent sends you to, given by the square that he just made his move on.
  • What happens if the opponent sends you to an already won or draw board? Then you can go wherever you like, but be sure not to send your opponent to a closed board, because he would have the same advantage.
  • After playing a little, you will see that, even though you could win a small board easily, the fact that if the move you make would put your opponent at an advantage, you could chose to not win that board at the time, or perhaps forfeit it, if it will give you an advantage to complete other 3 boards in a row and win the match.
  • A draw board will not count for either X, nor O.
  • You can also play on the Forget mode, which erases your 4th oldest game piece, thus having another strategic element which you must focus on, and there won't be any boards that end-up in ties.
  • When playing against the AI, you have 3 choices of difficulty:
    • Easy: The AI tries to send you to boards where it's most difficult for you to make a move, even though he could win others.
    • Medium: The AI will always try to win small boards.
    • Hard: The AI will win small boards, if it doesn't give you an advantage on the next move; it tries to create a balance between winning and not giving you the upper hand. It also has a random element to it, so it provides more diversified plays overtime.
Release date
Tigerish Games
Shere Khan
Tigerish Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 800 MHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 32 MB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 4 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Audio output capability
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Hi here's my review on ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe: steam successes on this game are very easy to get, if not what to say about ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe? Everyone knows this game is like Skyrim but free. ;) First of all the graphics, since this is the first thing you can see. The graphics are revolutionary, you will be amazed by the quality of textures, animations. The sound atmosphere, one sometimes tends to forget it and yet, it is also that creates a game and its universe. Here you will be immersed in a deep and very immersive atmosphere, the sounds are of impeccable quality and especially, very well suited. History/screenplay, these two are so well-crafted that LOTR will not even deserve its glory, the story is just great. Deep, he denounced the current society and the world economy, from philosophy to the raw state. The gameplay, what to say? My God what to say? Witcher III only has to hide. Seriously, the gameplay is fantastic, well thought out, complex and simplistic at the same time, it suits everyone, Casuals, as hards gamers. At the old and at school it was called the TIC with 3 stones, 3 sticks or simply chalk. ^^ The bot is not hard to beat, it is a woman who in case of defeat will not hesitate to make you happy. In short, this game I recommend it for its high quality and its artistic direction! Good game!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Evaluation of ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe is for me a masterpiece, it manages to revolutionize the genre by proposing a jouissive and aggressive gameplay (without falling into the nag and remaining very focused on the strategy and teamplay) while we offering a cohérant universe and revolutionary graphics while not requiring a config a €3000 in addition, the multiplayer allows us to challenge our friends in thrilling and over-the-beaten duels, which greatly extends the life of the game that just with the solo mode is already huge. In multi, the gameplay is lively and enjoyable by proposing Gores effects, we do not take a single moment. The developers thought first of all to the players by creating this game because it meets the expectations of all gamers. If you like FPS, RPG, strategy games, management, combat, reflection, puzzle, action or adventure then this game is made for you!!! The soundtrack of the game is of high quality with the greatest composers of our time gathered on this game. The freedom of action in this game exceeds the entendemant with an exceptional replayability and a map larger than GTA, fallout 4 and the Witcher 3 rejoined. In addition, this game is totally free, so do not deprive yourself any longer of the ultimate game and go ahead! Honestly I find no flaw in this game and I think soon exceed the heading of 500 h. personally, I have already pre-ordered the collector's Edition of the game containing real TIC grids for only €99.99 and I advise you to do as much This game deserves to be included among the top 10 of the games of the century as the call of duty and Paris-Marseille racing. I look forward to the Studio Conference at E3 to see their next masterpiece! Note 20/20!! With this game to you the sleepless nights between friends and finished social life. Prepare your grids! PS: message to developers, I look forward to receiving my cheque.
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