Umurangi Generation reviews

(Review taken from my Steam profile)

Umurangi Generation is one those unique games that stands tallest, even amidst industry giants - at once perfectly accessible, heartfelt and engaging, this is a title that should be on everyone's list of games to try.

It is refreshing to have a game that asks you to care and observe your surroundings, taking in the sights, framing the shot, and absorbing the story - with this title having released within the context of Covid-19, rampant inequality, despotic and apathetic governments, and the ever looming climate crisis, Umurangi Generation feels like an emotional outlet. The game does a superb job of handing over total creative expression to the player, drip-feeding tools and techniques as they progress - one level might see you getting to grips with a standard kit lens, before handing you another lens or editing function in the next. It feels perfectly paced and in harmony with the confidence and ability of the player.

Although one might be able to beat the game within a few hours, it feels as if it could be endlessly replayable, especially with the new tools the player unlocks throughout - as the credits rolled, I felt ready to jump back in, to capture new sights and imagery, and to let more story details wash over me.

In these times, I feel this game should be an essential pick - creative expression within a safe space, a sense of camaraderie, and a critique of those who have collectively failed us. This game serves not only as an outlet for its creators, but potentially for all of us.

«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»