Usagi Yojimbo: Way of the Ronin reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Genre A 2D Action sidescroller with Fury's Story A Demonic Swordsman makes a Pact with a Yokai (Old Demon) locked in a Cave because the Sun Goddess has included him there. The Sun Goddess herself is currently in an Old Mirror. The Swordsman is now supposed to find this Mirror and destroy it so that the Yokai can destroy the World. We play the Ronin "Miyamoto Usagi" and now we have to both find the Mirror and stop the Demonic Swordsman. Gameplay We listen from left to right, crush Enemies and a Boss at the end of the Level. Along the Way, we collect Gold, which allows us to upgrade damage, Life & Defense. After each Level, we unlock new Skills and Combos. Pro/Contra + Nette Graphics + Animations look quite good + Many Combos to Learn + Story OK-Partly the Animations look busted-Unfortunately no achievements Conclusion A rather nice Sidescroller
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Microsoft from French
Having not tested the mobile version, I can only hope that this one does not suffer from the hazards of her "little" sister on PC. "Usagi Yojimbo: way of the Ronin" is a Beat'em up game, a style of games found in the golden age of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: turtles in time". Except here we are in the presence of a bad game and this for several reasons. The very first impression in the game is to control a backhand as the movements are laborious. In addition, the fights are soft with few combos, unlocked during the adventure but which are practically not useful, as the best option remains to jam the two keys of attack. Then there are also collision problems with enemies impossible to reach while they are right next to them when they are touched when they are out of range. In addition it will not be uncommon to see enemies above the void when "action" happens on a bridge. But two of the worst flaws that this game possesses are on the one hand the enemies that remain off the screen (but you still shoot arrows) and can prevent you to progress until they are defeated and on the other hand the boss fights that are of a nullity s years. Indeed these are content to move towards you without fighting (to far too rare exceptions). And obviously the AI of the enemies is also non-existent. This "Usagi Yojimbo: way of the Ronin" therefore has no challenge and very little interest... (even by not improving your stats throughout the game time). On the side of the good points we have here very very good graphics with a story, certainly boat, but that sticks perfectly to the universe of Stan Sakai in which we find with pleasure the main protagonists of the manga. In the end, big disappointment of not having a game at the height of the manga while the style was there. But the gameplay is really below the acceptable to enjoy it. Maybe it goes on mobile for a little game but not on PC.