Vacancy Unlimited (itch)

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Vacancy Unlimited is a comic book styled retro FPS. Roam the streets of your home town in search for your father. Access multiple mana based abilities as you level up killing zombies. Complete locations to gain access to new areas on your city map. Loot buildings for ammo, food, and new weapons. Level up and use skill points to improve and gain new abilities.

Beware, the ravagers roam the streets as well. Ravagers sometimes in groups or as individuals are survivors that have their own agendas and behaviors. Vacancy Unlimited features an AI director that manages zombies spawns and loot drops. The game will feature side objectives in each location for chances to get extra EXP and loot. Weapons and abilities scale as your level increases. Unlock new levels on your city map by playing through the story. Replay any level to improve your completion stats and to farm for weapons and EXP. Your city map will mark your progress for each level.

This game takes place in the Apastron universe.

Release date
Noah Lewin
Age rating
Not rated

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Last Modified: Apr 5, 2022

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