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Vain is a surrealistic platformer, experimenting with different styles and different mechanics, while the world collapses on you as the music progresses


## Plot

Herr Tannhäuser, a scientist who has gone mad due to his past experiences,

found a way to escape the madness of this world. 

He invented a device which can tear a hole in space and reality,

opening a gateway to an unimaginable realm.

After he used the device, he found himself between the space and the final frontier.

A place where the rules are ... uncanny.


## Objectives

Travel through 1 and a quarter totally different worlds until you reach the final frontier and you leave behind time and space

Use 2 different mechanics on your aid in those 2 worlds: transform into a raven or rewind time

But be quick, because this realm is collapsing on you and you've got less and less space, second by second!


## Summary

Basic platformer controls, but

E to relocate yourself to your 3 second old position.

Double jump to transform into a raven, then jump to flap your wings. (3 charges, landing refills it)

As the music progresses the wall on the left progresses as well, so be careful and adapt to the music.

And it can be completed! (I'm surprised as well) 

(The first world needs skill, the second one needs cunning. ;) )

Sadly I couldn't fulfill as much as I wanted to. Couldn't even finish the "story". 

(But I had plans. Hint: name of the game) 


## What I tried to achieve:

3 full world, with 3 very different 

mechanics, (the 3rd is already complete, but doesn't have a world: "ghost form"),

art styles,  (both visually and audio-wise)

and feelings.


## Ps.:

In this game I wanted to try out how much have I learned since my first (LD41) game jam.

For example I learned about basic visual arts and music. Hurray :)

So now I can proudly say that this game is 100% made by me.

If you are interested in my future projects, post mortems, etc, follow me on LD, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc, etc (links here: )

Thanks for reading. :)

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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