Valentino Rossi The Game reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
After the last Milestone Games I was a bit sceptical about how Valention Rossi Will become The Game. The biggest Fear was that it will be like Ride (a good Idea with poor Implementation). But this time, Milestone seems to have put more Heart and soul into the Cause. Therefore, Valentino Rossi The Game happily does not come as loveless as the Predecessors of the Moto GP Series and especially Ride. This time there are actually some small and big Improvements: Let's start with the smaller Improvements: The Graphics have been a bit frieved again, but still not the Bang, but what's the point. If you want Graphics, you should just get out of the Window;) The Sound has also improved slightly, but is still a bit bleaking. Just as you are used to Milestone, however, it is not quite as bad. At first impression, the AI makes a slightly more loosened Impression (no more Pearl Necklaces and different Race Lines). In any Case, I have been able to experience much more Racing Action so far than in the Parts before it (literally haha). However, the AI Will certainly not be a big Challenge again for experienced Players in the Course of the game, but it is still fun to Do so;) The big Changes deal with the important Things. In my opinion, the Handling and Driving Dynamics have been significantly improved. While the Moto 3 used to feel like Tractors on Rails, really fun comes up here too. The Sense Of speed has also improved. Only the Handling of the Cars gives me a need to get used to (but drove with Controllers and only used to the Steering Wheel). Which brings us to the next Change. The Scope of the Game. As usual, current Season and pre-season are in place, in addition to some Retro events and, of course, the VR46 Events. In the completely redesigned Career mode, on top of it there are some funny Side players that you need, depending on your Taste, more or less dirt Bike races on a flat track, Drift and Ralley Action and Much more. And this now brings us to The Most Extensive Change in The game. The Career Mode has finally been turned around. The unrealistic as well as illogical Upgrade of the Motorcycles is finally over. Instead, Milestone has now done the Work of defining different Driver skills that are highly levented during his Career in the VR46 Acadamy. In Addition, there is this Kind of Bonus Program. Here, after Completing the Task, you get, for example, more Experience points for the Braking Skills of your own Driver. In Summary, there is a lot to discover in Valentino Rossi The Game and that Milestone has really managed to bring out a good Game this time. The Changes described above have a positive effect on the Game throughout. Career Mode, in particular, now feels significantly more realistic as a result of the Redesign. A Highlight for me are the English Audio Sequences of Vale:) Everything in the Allen I am really Positively surprised and I am now looking forward to diving further into the Depths of the Game world. The Game is a Must for any Valentino Fan. For Fans of the Moto GP Series a real Recommendation. PS: By the Way, I bought the game for good Reason (is just a Milestone Title) only after the Patch and had zero Problems so far.