VEGAS Movie Studio 13 Platinum - Steam Powered reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Before I start this Review, I first have to praise Sony. A great Step to contact a very large User Group directly and release the Software on Steam. It's Postive that you even have a small Advantage in terms of price when you buy the Program on Steam. Unfortunately, it is a bit negative that Steam has to run in order for the Program to start. Unfortunately, even a Double-click on Project Files doesn't work to start the Program. Even if Steam is already running in the Background. While it's not a huge Problem (after all, you can start the Program and then open the Project file), but a small Adjustment wouldn't be bad. After All, one of the Registration process is spared compared to the Retail And regular Download Version. Is what, too. I have One more To praise the extraordinarily good Support. I wrote a bus report on the Forum a Few Days ago in the Evening. The very next Day I received a Reply saying that my Bug could be reproduced and forwarded. Especially on Steam, I would not have expected such Support from Sony. Class! But let us now move on to the Most Important thing. The Features. Well. There are Tons of Youtube Tutorials for Sony Vegas. Aside from the exciting Question of how 12-year-olds Minecraft Let's Player can afford professional Video Software for just under €500, one now wonders: "What can Movie Studio Platinum do?" From my own Experience, I can say that you can imitate most of the things you see in the Aforementioned Tutorials. Not least, because the Surface is almost identical. Most Limitations or missing Features are either not relevant to 0815 Users, or can be bypassed by small Tricks. For example, "Movie Studio Platinum" has a Limit on 20 Video and Audio Tracks. Is that a Problem? Rather not. Personally, I never had the Problem of running out of tracks. Not even with more complex Projects with many Effects. After All, we are talking about 20 Sound and Video Tracks at the same time. In absolute Doubt, you could interchange and re-import your Project And have its 20 Tracks again. But in general, I strongly doubt that this Problem is relevant to normal Application. What may lead to a Problem is the extremely simplified function of Masking/Masking. Unfortunately, in Movie Studio Platinum, you can't draw a free hand to masks, as is the Case in Sony Vegas Pro. It is also not possible to render Projects in 4K. The largest possible Output size is 3840 x 2160 Pixels. Overall, I can recommend Any Hobby video editor Movie Studio Platinum. For Beginners it is a super Entry-level Program with built-in Tutorials and even for somewhat experienced Hobbyists are good Features because price/performance technically you can't do much wrong here. This Review is also simplified in Video Form on my Youtube channel: