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Vinyl is a dynamic indie music game created by graduate students at the University of Utah EAE program, that experiments with the aesthetic distance between gameplay and music.

Every Song is Unique:
- Load your own music.
- Your music procedurally generates the world...
- The way you play changes the music!
- Pick a music genre and let Vinyl remix your song how you choose.

Arcade Styled Runner:
- Dodge all of the obstacles to see your music in vibrant neon synesthesia.
- Make mistakes and your music will be taken back in time.
- Rewind to undo your mistakes, and your score.
- Collect audio filters to manipulate your music even more, and score more points!
- Too easy to dodge obstacles? Boost to increase your multiplier and gain the ultimate score!

Score Attack:
- Use all of your abilities to rack up points.
- Challenge the online leaderboards.
- Enter your initials to claim the number one spot!

Vinyl: Play Your Music
Release date
Manipulation Machine
Manipulation Machine
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2 Core 2.2ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2gb graphics card
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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1,000,000 items
Platinum Album
Score over 50,000 in a single song
Perfect Listen
Finish a song without hitting a static ball (minimum 2-minute song)
Our Record Company
Click the EAE logo on the About Screen to learn about the EAE program.
Easter Egg
Find the secret on thestart screen. (Hint: It is on the Vinyl logo)
Hit each different genre wall in the same song
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10 items
Radio Confinement
Spinning Vinyl Live
Seismic B2B Damaged_Coda - Killa:Vibes
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Vinyl reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Hello, I was able to do all the music of the game and see what the problems. I suggest here to see the positive and negative points that I have noticed. Positive poins:-the basic music is nice and can tributed to many people. Plus there are several styles of music. -We can add our music in the game which increases the lifespan-a system of backward back rather well made that allows to catch up if we made a small mistake. If the error is too big, apart from a huge BACKSPACE, it is recoverable. -A boost that accelerates the music to earn more points that is very well done. -When you are mistaken the music is influenced, which prompts us not to be mistaken. -A pretty well done scoring system. -Free, with nothing to buy. Negative points:-the game that sometimes starts to Lague for no reason, and that becomes unplayable for a few seconds, which is inexcusable for a game like that (I run battlefield 4 in ultra). -The genres you find in full part are not useful for much, because you will quickly notice that it is better to play with the basic music. -Scores that are not online. -The jump that I find is useless. -I do not see the game that follows the music, when I play. -Looks a bit like Audiosurf but less well. I hope the game will continue to develop because it has potential. If the developers make good update the game can be great. In any case good continuation to the developers
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Free/Casual Game/Indi/"Snowboarding"/Pacour/Action * "Pro nu's" "Price – Performance In the Genre's equal: Expensive? Shorter? Longer? Are similar Games cheaper? Free ° Gameplay/Handling Simple Handling With Only 5 Buttons ° Graphic Graphic Style? Interference? Realistic/beautifully animated? ok just partly colorful ° Sound Fits sound to the Picture? Synchronicity? Does Sound support the Fun of The game? Selectable Songs Own Songs upload ° Story/Perimeter Short Game Round Game Rounds as often repeatable No Story Achievements How Many? Automatic? Retractable? Difficult? Verneper/faulty? 10 very light-slightly 1-2 automatic 1-2 more difficult no Removable 100% guide & Tips by way "KingSlayerX." ° Collectible Cards Do You Get which? How Many do you need for a Set? ° No Joke, Horror, action, Fun etc. Does it be in Line with the Descriptions? "Unusual" A little Action, yes. ° Difficulty In the same: More Difficult? Easier? Different Levels of difficulty? Additional Challenges? Song-hanging 2 Achievements offer minimal Challenge ° Loading/Saving Features present? Easy, reliably usable? Automatically Saving your own Best performance You can upload best performance "to" ° "conclusion: Short and ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ all casual Game of a slightly different Kind. Reminds a little of Snowboarding, Pacouriness Is songab-dependent. You can reach 100% in about 1 hour. Hey, it's free, so take a look;) KeepCool & PlayReal!
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