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Voodoo Garden

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Welcome to the Voodoo Garden! You're owner of a little hut in a bustling swamp. With the help of little spirits you can earn powers and gold by producing various voodoo supplies.

In Voodoo Garden you plant trees, shrubs and herbs in order to grow various fruits, leafs, mushrooms and more. By harvesting your plants and catching wild swamp animals you gather ingredients for your production of occult accessories. And you're not alone. Cute pets keep you company. Feed and raise them and you have the option to make a sacrifice and summon little helper spirits. There are many new plants, totems and animals to unlock, purchase and upgrade. Have fun expanding and improving your enchanting garden!
Release date
M. Hanka
Liu Lidan
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128 MB
  • Storage: 50 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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21,844 items
Voodoo Level 30
reach voodoo level 30
Voodoo Doll
produce 240 voodoo dolls
collect 2000 dragonflywings
Expand Garden Fully
expand garden 20 times
collect 666 lizardtails
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33 items

Voodoo Garden reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
{english review below} Voodoo Garden Is a Kind of Indie Clicker game and great for it if you need a little Time off from bigger Titles or just want to switch off for a While. The whole thing is made easier by the fact that the Graphics and the Soundbeam are very cute. The Aim of the Game is to enlarge Its initially small garden and to plant various Shrubs, Bushes and Trees. After a While you will have to harvest Flowers, Fruits, nuts, Etc., from them to make Potions, Poisons or voodoo dolls. At the Same time, you can decide relatively early in the game whether you click through your own Small garden or whether you can take up small Animals and then sacrifice them so that they do the Harvesting Work for you as a Ghost Creature. If you choose the latter, you can dedicate yourself much more to the different Creatures that walk through your Garden and also throw Off Loot by Clicking. There is a Day-night Cycle in the Game. While "all Hell is going on" at Night, the Day offers you a short Breather to plan through what you want to plant Next or set new Priorities in Commodity production. In addition, the Game is based on a Level System i.e. that you get Experience points with each Production. As soon as you level up, you unlock new "items"; Including new Animals, Plants, Storage Erupgrades, Buffs and Totems. All in all, I can recommend Voodoo Garden to anyone who likes Clicker games in itself, stands on Indies games with cute graphics or just looks for a relaxing and uncomplicated Game. ---------Voodoo Garden is an indie clicker game and is best suited for players who need a little break from bigger titles or simply want to lie back and give their mind a rest. The graphics and sounds are irresistibly cute and make it easier to relax. The purpose of the game is to expand your initially small garden and to plant various shrubs, bushes and trees. Once done you'll need to harvest flowers, fruits, nuts etc. in order to craft different potions, poison or voodoo dolls. You can decide pretty early on whether you click through your garden by yourself or raise some animals and sacrifice them so that they'll do all the work for you as spirits. In case you choose the latter you can spend more time on the little creatures which creep across your garden and will also drop some loot if you click on them. The game has a day and night cycle. While the "hell breaks loose" during night, you'll have enough time to plan ahead what to plant next or set new priorities among the products you produce. The Moreover game is based on a level system which means that you gather experience points by crafting goods. Once you level up, new "items" will be unlocked like animals, plants, storage upgrades, buffs and totems. Altogether I would recommend Voodoo Garden to everyone who likes clicker games in general, has a thing for indiegames with cute graphics or is simply looking for a relaxing and uncomplicated game.
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