Vortex Attack: ボルテックスアタック reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
The truth is that I was a little reluctant to try this game because, at the entrance, I did not enter the view. Encouraged by the positive comments, the rain of bullets that was shown in the videos and, why not say, the dedication that has put its creator to give visibility in any video game fair to which he has been able to go, I finally launched to the center of the vortex. And I must say that I do not regret at all. The mechanics are unusual but simple. There is a vortex at the top of the screen that releases enemies as if there were no tomorrow, and what is worse, is gradually opening up and reaching a certain size will provoke a barrage of enemies and bullets that will make things very complicated. But There's a solution to that! Defeated enemies loose a few triangles of energy that when picked up will turn against the vortex making it smaller to cause its implosion. And with these two elements we have the mechanics: Dodge bullets and more bullets while slaughtering enemies to tons and collect their energy released. This contradictory binomial "collect and dodge" and the excessive action that there is at all times on screen is what makes us end up literally hooked to the game. In Addition as mini-mechanics extra we have enemy bullets destroyable and others that do not, which opens new fields when defining a strategy in the "battle Vortex." Along the way we will find also some bosses and phases of respite with some worms to shoot or others in which we will cross a dense field of meteorites, which although interesting, are rather a small break to the hectic of the vortex phases. This and the ships unlockable and very powerful through various items, the mode for 2 or 3 simultaneous players and the constant pique in the table of scores do the rest. Otherwise, it has a sound that fulfills its purpose, simple graphics-almost schematics-that are sufficient for the object of the game and a music that is barely noticeable, but which is well-decorated. The version that I downloaded at the beginning suffered of some problem of contrast that the author has improved with more in the last updates so... there is no excuse not to have seen that furtive bullet! Oh! I forgot to mention the tournaments. Besides being able to create the private ones, there are other publics with a certain duration. It'S free and you don't have to register anywhere, just click on the option in the main menu. Don't let Them take You back and try It and get into the path of competitiveness. I'll try to be above you:P