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Ever wondered why we eat, what we eat? How do our ears work? Could colors affect our emotions? Why does the chameleon change color? How did the mouse get into the library?!

Welcome to the World of W5Go™, where you can find the answer to all of these questions!

Spark your imagination and passion for learning! Create your own virtual guide and jump into lessons around town! You can put your new knowledge to the test at the end of each lesson with quizzes and games.

Created for children 5-8, this app is the perfect blend of classroom education and play. We've created mini-games that help solidify what the player has learned while helping to develop motor skills, vocabulary, cognitive skills, and more. Playing through a lesson grants coins that can be used to unlock mini-games around town.

Players can customize their virtual guide at the barbershop, who will then be a returning familiar face throughout various adventures and lots of fun!


- Hygiene
- Food Groups 
- Colors
- Five senses
- Books and Reading 
- Greetings 

With more lessons on the way! 

We care about the digital well being of children. This app is COPPA Compliant to ensure your child is receiving the best and safest educational apps possible.

We plan to expand on this app at a later date.

Any questions or suggestions are welcomed; you can contact us at [email protected] 

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Last Modified: Jul 30, 2021

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