Wander reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Before I start my actual Review, first the obvious one in advance: This is probably the final Version of the Game. It has entered the Market unfinished, and within a few Months has immaulted the Bulk of the Player-making. The Developer (if there is anyone else who is still tinkering with the Game) is not readily available. If you expect a finished Game for your Money, you shouldn't buy the Game under any Circumstances to avoid Disappointment. So, having clarified the obvious one, now to the actual Review: Wander is interesting. It represents an Attempt to create an MMO without Violence. Instead, the Player wanders the World, and learns the History of the Place as well as a Language developed for the Game called Rozhda. Language is the only Way to communicate to other Players in the Game, apart from eager jumping back and Forth. You learn the Language word for Word, apart from a Phrase you learn first thing in the Beginning: I don't speak Rozhda-Meh Rozhda Og. Later, you learn that Og is not the Word for nein/, and Meh is not speaking. From this a rough Syntax can be derived for Rozhda, which Ideally leads to players of different Languages being able to communicate with each other without knowing what language the other speaks. But only ideally. As has already been mentioned, one learns the Language word for Word. It can take Hours to find a new Word, and if the Player you don't want to communicate with the Word, then you probably only get a "Meh rozhda Og" in Response. Who wants To learn a Language when you just want to play one Game? In addition to the Language, there is also the mentioned History of the Place, which tells of the interactions of the four resident species in the Form of legendary Stones distributed on the island. Here there is not the one specific Protagonist, it is about many different Beings who wrote down their Thoughts on their Encounters. Personally, I find that the Stories are well told, the Legendary Stones are attached to places relevant to the consecrated Story, and fill the Objects of the World with Context. A barely noticeable Hollow in the Mountain Thus becomes a Retreat for someone seeking Shelter from a Thunderstorm and so on and so forth. The Stories convey very well a Sense of the Narrator's Curiosity, provided you understand English. All Texts are set to music in English. Walking is the Main Aspect of the Game. Basically, whatever you can see can be achieved by you. In the Course of the Game you unlock different Types of Locomotion, But you have to find them on the Island first. So you can have the first Mode of transport Unlocked after just under 11 Minutes, but you can just as well spend hours looking for it. The Control is done using a mouse keyboard, or alternatively a Controller. You can paint symbols with the Mouse in the Air to speak Rozhda (every Word belongs to a Symbol. One distinguishes the Symbol and the Character pronounces the Meaning.) I would describe the Controls as solid. The Graphics in themselves can also be viewed nicely on low Settings at 720p. Accordingly, a higher Quality Also requires a lot more computing power, especially since the Game has hardly been optimized to no other. Do I Recommend the Game? Yes. It hits a Nerve I didn't know I owned before. Should everyone get the Game straight away? Definitely not. This Game is set in a very narrow Niche, and if you expect more from your Game than walking for hours through a Jungle, Learning a Fantasy language And seeing a different player on the Horizon all The jubilation Years, then you should rather Leave the Fingers off this Game.