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101 years ago, that's when we found it. The Universal Source Code.
It's the source code to all that has existed, and all that ever will.
And as we came to understand it, we sought to change it,
to recreate a world free of evil and malevolence.
A world that will finally know peace.
To this end, we have conquered countless impossibilities.
We are only two weeks away from the final phase. But then...

Featuring a new battle system blending RPG and strategy,
a style of Japanese animation graphic and the unforgettable story.
Wanderjahr delivers the next step of real-indie games.

Joystick Note: The game won't support XInput API.
This game use winmm (window multimedia library).
Please set your controller in DirectInput mode or use some convertor tool.
Release date
Workyrie Game Studio
Workyrie Game Studio
Age rating
10+ Everyone 10+

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows xp, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Celeron 1.7GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Max out level all characters.
Thanks for playing :)
Crown star all missions.
Artifact Combine
Success to combine Artifact.
Damage limit break
Deal more than 0x270F * 0xA damage in 1 hit.
Counter it
Success to do Counter Break.
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Wanderjahr reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free "Wanderjahr"-an entertaining approach to the standing genre of Japanese turn-based roleplaying, such as the classic "Final Fantasy" and "Final Fantasy XIII", where actually the characters did well with the battles and without your immediate Participation. Only in the game now under consideration, where the battle system of Heroes is brought to automatism, you really decide something and feel like a commander, rather than a third-party observer. Borrowing Japanese style in the design of characters and their abilities, "Wanderjahr" builds an interesting gameplay concept, where you control not every blow of the hero, and all the squad directly, at the right time replacing the team members more suitable. While your soldiers are attacking themselves, you have the responsibility to follow the course of the battle and control it, because each enemy needs a special approach. For Example, you encountered a giant slime. It is useless to use it as an ordinary weapon, as it causes damage to it. So we need to replace a melee fighter with a mage. In addition, the slug has double damage from the magic of lightning, so we take the magician, whose spells are based on electricity. In Addition, the health of your squad should be monitored, so we take another medic. And It is also good to take a man who is full of health and ability to distract all enemies. For more efficiency, it would be great to take someone out of support to keep the spell of protection. But the giant slug is not so simple. It has a protection bar that needs to be knocked down until it recovers, and it also has a double-damage spell. And Here comes the main feature of the game. You are full of heroes, but to keep on the battlefield at the same time you can only four. To knock down the defense of the enemy, you need to replace someone with a special character from the support, which knocks enemies stats and weakens the protection. But It turns out that the slug is able to heal itself, and you need to increase the damage. You are replacing the attacker with another magician, but here you have a drop of protection to be updated. Or you replace the character's knocking stats on the attacking hero, and the opponent takes and restores their stats. This was just one example of a local battle with enemies. I hope you've got the gist. You are given more and more heroes and to win you have to constantly combine them, replace and watch for the battle has always been in your favor, as the local enemies are extremely thick-skinned and fastidious. If It is wrong to put the squad, the ice mage can suddenly hit the enemy, whose element of ice in the stats is marked as a boon, so that the cold attacks heal him. And constantly shoot down the protection of enemies-that's still a problem. Fortunately, there are role-playing elements. Heroes can be on the received points a little bit to pump, that seriously something will change only if you lean a few levels back, but still a little yes useful. There are also items that you can buy, like Lecchilok, amplifiers, and so on. If the level is not possible, which happens very often, will have to go back and slowly farm points pumping. If someone is suddenly interested in the plot, then, unfortunately, it is buried somewhere deep in the additional materials and rare briefings from your management. But the anime visual style pleasant the eye, the little men are animated and each has a unique design, as for the enemies, which look more chaotic, but still interesting. Well and the music is nothing so, although I did not understand the dramatic notes during the stay in the Store menu... In the end, I want to say that the game is still quite crude. There is no properly woven plot, no balanced balance, no, unfortunately, no diversity in anything. Yes, you are given new heroes, but all this clutter the already cluttered gameplay, especially when it comes time to choose which characters to send on the mission, so all are not placed. On the other hand, unlike the same "Final Fantasy XIII", it is at least similar to the game, and your actions really depend on the outcome of the battle. In "Wanderjahr" It is worth to play at least for the sake of this entertaining tactical element and a fresh look at the genre of turn-based role-playing games. At least, it is clear that the creators have not tried to simplify the game for the most lazy, and really tried to draw from this unique gameplay. It Happened to them or not-to judge only you...
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