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Hey Marines & Orcs, here's my Opinion on "Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine." Have fun! Genre: Action-Adventure + Pro's: + brachial Melees + good mix of shooter and butcher mechanics + decent Girth + massive Opponents simultaneously + good (English) speakers + nice arsenal of weapons + Free Co-op mode + rank system (Multiple players) with Achievements + (Unlockable) Appearance Editor-Kontra's:-barely playful & content variety-some unfair sections-often unfavorable Memory Points-poor distribution of Ammunition boxes-unreliable KI-COMPANIONS-boring characters-problems with Collision query-technically outdated Backdrops-Only two 08/15-Multiplayer modes-Predictable Backstory-Ferocity regenerates too quickly-artificial Limitations disrupt Game Flow-no System link/LAN-weak Facial Animations-no Cover system-isolated camera and Overview Problems-stupid orc Dialect (but somehow funny)-no Command System conclusion: Despite the overriding negative Points, the Game was enormously Fun for me and thus gets a buy recommendation from me! Thank you for taking the Time and reading through my Review. Leave a Review or write me your Opinion underneath!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Warhammer 40k: Space Marine takes another Approach with a Third-person shooter than the Dawn of War Series. How well this succeeds, I will explain In the following Review: The single player: The Story about Captain Titus is a successful, partly thought-provoking and (so at least with me and some Friends I have asked) one that towards the End also has anger and Incomprehension towards certain Characters. Since I don't want to spoil much, I leave the whole thing with me. The Gameplay is a lot of Fun, the Weapons feel good, the mass Fighting against Orcs and Chaos entertains well. The Degree Of difficulty (adjustable in three Stages) is already very crisp on the heavy Degree, but the others also do not make it too easy. The various Applications, such as the jumping Module, are also good Fun (especially in Conjunction with the Energy Hammer). The German Syncro is one of the few that I personally really find successful, I now even love the German Voices as the English original. Graphically, the Game of its Time is appealingly good, so nothing completely from the Stool skin, but by no means ugly. The Multiplayer: And here we come to my Main Problem. Space Marine uses a Lobbying System via P2P, which often ends in Lags, Host Migrations, lobby crashes, Etc. Servers would have done a much better Job here (as always). Furthermore, not many People play the Multiplayer (probably for the above Reason), which unfortunately can lead to the fact that you like to look for a Lobby for 15-20 Minutes if you have the Patience to do so. Apart from that, the Multiplayer is no small Enough of fun ', but the normal Modes (Deathmatch, CTF, ETC.) I don't think fit in so well in the Game itself. However, the Exterminatus is a lot of Fun and you like to play it. Unfortunately, here, too, there is the Problem of the few Players. Especially if you want to play the Map (s) of the Expansion "Chaos invasion" it takes a very long time, if you find anything at all. Even then, it happens that, despite explicit Searches for this Card, you are put into a normal Game. Why this happens is not clear to me. Conclusion: Singleplayer: + multiplayer: +/-= > Space Marine in itself is highly recommended, should you come to terms with the Problems in Multiplayer, or be only interested in Single-player. For the Price of €19.99m, the Game is definitely worth it.