Waves reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Waves is an arcade game with some different Modes, each of which has been well developed and Fun. For example, in a "Bomb" mode, you can't shoot, but you have to move from bomb field to bomb field to activate bombs that destroy the Enemies, while in Survival mode you have to shoot the Opponents. However, the entire Game is about not letting the ball, dice and Field-shaped enemies touch you to keep given Life or Time, and destroying them for Points, with the slow motion feature usable in any Mode. The Price of £4.99is not set too high if you like such "slot machine games." But If you're just looking for a Casual Game, you should wait for a Sale.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Waves is a very nice little arcade game where the only one is goal is to make the biggest score and this, regardless of the mode chosen among the seven proposed. In the same vein as his excellent elder Geometry Wars, you play as a ball that must survive, within a bounded arena, to the waves of enemy assaults. The enemies being, just as in the game previously quoted, geometric shapes with varying colors and behaviors. For example: the pink sphere moves slowly and randomly; the Red spheres are fast and go straight from one end to the other of the arena; the yellow spheres follow you constantly, the Green follow you but flee as soon as you go in their direction etc. All the interest of the gameplay, which is played here on the joystick with the two joystick (one to pull the other to move), is to survive these uninterrupted waves of ever more enemies to make the best score. It is important to always move, Dodge, bypass and above all, to pick up the experience left by your enemies in order to level up. When you pass a level, you increase your point multiplier and actually, your score. The most subtle part and the specificity of waves is the ability of your ball to generate a bomb as soon as you reach a streak of ten enemies killed. This bomb makes it possible to annihilate all the enemies around you and being at an average range. Ideal to cultivate his streak to get out of perilous situations! Finally, you can also, thanks to one of the triggers of the pad, slow down the time for a limited time in order to make your way among this Merry ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥. ♥ ♥ ♥ ambient! Great! The graphics are simple but effective, however I preferred the Visual universe of Geometry Wars, more preening, even if finally both are very similar. On the other hand, the sound atmosphere sucks! What a waste! Most of the time, the music is discreet or even unexistent! And the few Electro music a little peach are very disappointing. Big black spot for waves. A catting music is indispensable in arcade games of this type. One will also regret the fact that there is only one mode of weapon, unlike his elder who proposed several. But in the whole waves manages to the essentials: getting addictive and fun!