Where's My Water? reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
The sliders to scroll up and down are extremely laggy you drag up but then it jumps a few centimetres even if your finger is steady. same with the “blocks “you can turn here and there to guide the water through the lvl which makes it hard to play, you drag to the right but it hip a few centimetres instead, for one lvl you needed to drag a pipe and switch to ooze or poison to explode 2 areas to access the ducks, but I couldn’t do it, when I press ooze and wanna switch to poison it won’t register it until far too late until the ooze have fallen or vice versa, and to drag the pipe to the right location makes you have to take a few centimetres in margin of error. Same with the “pumps” you can get air, water, ooze and poison from, at times I can’t switch or press the crane to get something out and thus miss out something very delicate or on time. One lvl I actually had to skip to be able to continue. Even cutting the dirt is no easy matter, it’s like you want to cut one area but the game register it as you cut the dirt a few millimetres away, may not sound much but in some lvls you need to be exact. I play on IPhone 7 Never had this problem when I played on my IPhone 4s many years ago, same with IPad 2 but still something weird. But I do really love “Where’s my water?” It’s an nostalgia game for me. So I really hope I get an answer for this or at least it gets “fixed” so I can fully enjoy the game I’ve payed 20kr for (as of then it cost 7kr)