Wild Rabbit Show

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Wild Rabbit Show is a multiplayer infinite runner where two magicians try to distance themselves from one another. Each magician can cast spells, spells can make a big difference in the game. Go fast, be smart and try to make your opponent go out of the camera sight.

This is the story of two brothers, not just two regular brothers ... two twins !

/!\ You need to be two to play /!\

If the player that is behind gets out of the camera sight they lose.

If you experience lags or bugs please download the game and run it on your computer, the web version may sometimes act weird

David Dunand - Game design, Art

João Ventura - Game design, Art & Voice

Luc Francey - Game design, Code & Voice

Quentin Meyer - Game design & Code

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This game was made during LvlUpGameJam 2017 in 45 hours

XBox Control
  • Left Joystick : Move
  • A : Jump
  • X : Drop a hat
  • Y : Transform your twin brother into a bunny
  • B : Grapple your twin brother
Keyboard Controls

Player 1

  • A : Go left
  • D : Go right
  • Space : Jump
  • G : Drop a hat
  • Z : Transform your twin brother into a bunny
  • J : Grapple your twin brother

Player 2

  • Left arrow : Go left
  • Right arrow : Go right
  • Up arrow : Jump
  • Num pad 4 : Drop a hat
  • Num pad 8 : Transform your twin brother into a bunny
  • Num pad 6 : Grapple your twin brother
Why you should transform your twin into a bunny
  • Magicians can cast spells, bunny can't
  • Magicians can control their jumps, bunny can't control them very well.
  • Magicians keep control in the air, bunnies don't.
  • Magicians can jump when they hit a wall (wall jump), bunny can't
Why you should be careful when you transforming your twin into a bunny
  • A bunny is cute and small, and small can be helpful.
"But why would I want to drop a hat?"
  • A hat can slow your opponent down.
  • A well-timed hat can stop your opponent's grapple.

Grapple sound : Michel Baradari (C)

Button sound : CosmicD (C)

Background music : HorrorPen (C)

Mana sound : Mark Diangelo (C)

Hat sound : Mike Koenig (C)

Special thanks to them !
Release date
Age rating
Not rated

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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