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STORYThe year is 1977.

Meglilo came from a magic kingdom to visit the human world, but she was unfortunately killed when she landed in the midst of a confrontation between Professor Amamori, inventor of the Vulkaiser, and the Gogoh Army.

Professor Amamori performed a reconstruction operation on her, and she was brought back as a WITCH-BOT, to seek revenge on the Gogoh Army!

Join Meglilo and her adorable sidekick/conscience, Billiken, as they blast through multiple worlds and bosses to bring about order and justice...after tragedy has already occurred.

Mixing classic vertical shmup action with hilariously dark cut scenes, Meglilo isn't a game where you just skip straight to the action. Watch as our heroine waits until AFTER the villains do terrible things (usually watching the whole time) before leaping into action. With great campy dialogue and questionable morals, WITCH-BOT Meglilo's cute aesthetics belie the sheer amount of havoc that happens around you.

Meglilo isn't your usual bullet hell vertical shooter. When your lightning fast reflexes aren't enough, this magical cyborg has a couple of tricks up her sleeve.

Harnessing the magic that still resides within, Meglilo can stop time and warp about the screen! Simply press the Time-Stop button and choose where in the stage you'd like to teleport. Meglilo will then warp directly to her destination, making her invulnerable to incoming bullets and obstacles. Using the Time-stop warp, you can dodge enemy attacks, teleport to strategic points, and much more! But be warned: there's a limit to how often you can zap around, and your magical gauge will deplete quickly, so use your power wisely!

But don't just rely on your witchcraft. Meglilo's satellites are interchangable and upgradeable, featuing around 10 variations include “Multi-target shot”, “Laser” and “Drill”.

Different Satellite variations can be equipped on the left and right sides, allowing for totally different attack styles every time. For example, having a right side devoted to a melee style while the left is powered up with lasers. It’s up to the player how they wish to enter battle!

Show that you have what it takes to take on the Gogoh Army, its fierce commanders and ultimately save(?) the world!GAME CONTROLS
  • Z: shot
  • X: Time-stop warp
  • Left Ctrl: Pause
  • Esc: Close the game
  • Space: Go back to title
The concept for WITCH-BOT MEGLILO was to create a unique shoot ‘em up that allows players to “stop time and dodge through a hail of bullets”.

Players will feel unstoppable as they easily evade attacks that they would normally find difficult to avoid, as well as attacks that are impossible to avoid.

With the Satellites that can be equipped on the left and right, the aim is to highlight the fun of creating weapon combinations specific to ASTROPORT.
Please play many times and try out various unique weapon combinations!

The story that progresses with each stage is presented as a dark comedy.

This game is a work of fiction. All characters, groups and places appearing in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or actual groups or places, is purely coincidental.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: WINDOWS 2000 / XP / 7/ 8 /10
  • Processor: PentiumIII 1GHz or above
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA’s GeForce series / ATI’s RADEON series
  • DirectX: Version 8.0
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Meglilo Copyright AVENGED!
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WITCH-BOT MEGLILO reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Like all Astro Port Releases, Witch-Bot Meglilo is a real Insider tip for Friends of neat Japanese space shooter fare. The Idea with the Time Warp makes for a rather refreshing Gameplay, the Presentation just sprays with Charm. For the small Price despite a short period of Play, an unconditional Recommendation.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
If you like the Shoot em ups and the colorful graphics, you will enjoy it very much. Don't let his childish looks fool you. It Has different levels of difficulty. The Normal mode is fine, the difficulty curve is correct. You start in a nice game of ships and end up in a devilish danmaku, hahaha. The graphic section is correct, so you can see everything, the music is a delight. When You finish it makes you want to play it again, Achievements that invite you to replayability. The Price is good, if you get the offer of 50% is required purchase. A set of 9/10
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Here is the scriptical sequel to the excellent (and ultimately very classic) supercharged robot Vulkaiser, here we are dealing with a completely different concept of Shmup. This game, developed by the ASTROPORT team to which have already had a number of STGS worn on steam, such as gigantic army, Satazius, armed seven or even steel Strider NET slice with the rest of the production of the firm, and not only because of its setting : this time it is a manic shooter with vertical scrolling, and includes a transporter mechanics quite rare in the genre. I break the gold and already the suspense: the title is a success, not free of flaws, but still a frank success. Let's see this in more detail! https://forum.shmupemall.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2728#p92506
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Bulleto Hell for Noobs Well, more than a shoot em up, this game is a bullet hell with a broken mechanic for the bullet hell: Time Management or Time warp; You can "pause" the game and appear elsewhere through this power which is limited just like your life (in this game you only have 2 to finish it, so spamealo without fear). You Are Meglilo... Broadly Astroboy with boobs... In each stage you get a variety of power ups and arms stamps to overcome the challenges of the game. In Total are 6 stages each with boss. > Pros:-Humor (if Brisha something the game is that uses a lot of black humor xD do not skip the scenes)-Several difficulties (is the bullet hell friendlier in that regard; You can put it from easy to mancas like me, to hard or "insane" for the most seasoned in this E Stilo of game)-Musica Bonita C:-unlockable, which give little replay... Skins. Cons:-The Duration (?) [Although I think they are so short-playing games of this style] Summing up As... This beautiful in general (and since it comes to cost 1 dollar... Well worth it) less entertains and gives laughter something that not many things can do today.
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