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Wolfstride is a role playing game about three former partners in crime facing a turning point. When they inherit a legendary mecha called COWBOY they reunite to find a new path together as a team in the most popular sport on the planet, GIANT MECHA BATTLES. They arrive at the worldwide championships with their fate and the future of the world hanging in the balance.

Each member of the team lends their unique experience to the team. Outwit the best mecha opponents from around the world in turn-based combat. Repair and upgrade COWBOY between matches to gain a strategic advantage. And explore the city and take odd jobs to earn the cash to pay for it all.

Enter the arena to fight it out one on one in giant robots. The turn-based battle system rewards preparation and strategy. Move carefully to get in best position to attack and keep the enemy off balance. Target attacks to wear down your opponent, reload ammo to ready for the next attack, and use defensive skills when the fighting gets too hot. Hang in there to build up nano fluid for midbattle repairs.

The hanger is Duque's house. Repairing damage between battles is just the beginning. Swap out parts, install upgrades, and add new weapons to improve COWBOY. Learn new attack and defense skills to perfect the custom loadout designed to beat your next opponent.

Every team needs its brains of the operation. As an exiled former Yakuza, Dominique Shade knows the streets. Good thing as he needs to get out there and make the cash it takes to run this team. Explore the corners of Rain City, use charm to make friends, and take their odd jobs to get that money.
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OTA IMON Studios
Raw Fury
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Not rated

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Last Modified: Sep 6, 2021

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