WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
I love the WRC Series because on the ONE hand I am a Racing Game fan and Basically I play all the RACING games and on the other hand because I particularly like the WRC Series. I have been looking forward to WRC5 since I believe 2 Years ago the 4th part is back. Then when I heard the Row gets a new Engine My Anticipation was even bigger, because WRC4 looked chic, I thought WRC5 will be really horny. Well, I was slightly disappointed, because WRC5 doesn't look that much better than WRC4, actually I noticed virtually no Change when I played. The only thing that looked good, what looked really very good were the wet Roads when it rained on different Routes. I was also Disappointed that the Backturn function as you know it is missing. A Race is split into several Sections, which sometimes last more than 1 Minute. You only have a Reset Function that puts you at the Beginning of this Section of the pond. Now it was that there were really annoying Sections where you probably had to go back 2-4 Times and each Time you have to drive almost 1st Minute until you get to this stupid Place. If you play like me, sometimes 4-5 Hours of Sessions, that's really annoying and frustrating at some point, because you have the feeling not to get on. The achievements are also somewhat annoying. Many are no longer going at all because they are online achievements. In several Attempts to race online, I have never found Fellow Players. You would then have to have a Friend to be able to do the Achievements. Also annoying is an Achievement where you have to drive all the Tracks again in a different Mode than your Career. All the Routes certainly take about 5 Hours and if you have just worked your way into the WRC during your Career and have just completed all the routes and look at what achievements you can still do you just see this. Exactly what you basically did right now, I then left out, is wistled annoying. Does everything sound very negative? But I also have good things to report. The Control of the Cars is no longer quite as simple and for Casual Gamers, but behaves a little more realistically and difficult. So, all round, driving is more Fun than in WRC4. The Rally School is also a Change, whether you like it or not, you don't necessarily have to play it, but as I said, quite interesting as a Change. I have now played a good 20 Hours and have a career through. Online Races do not go and the remaining Achievements do not, or just drive again by stupides. If you like something like that, you will have a few More hours of Fun, if you don't, you are served after 20 Hours. I would most like to give the Game a neutral Thumb, but give one up, because I really like rally games, you also have to, otherwise that's not fun here. So If You are, like me, rally fan, then this Game will excite you for a few Hours. More Steam Games I like [mediennerd.de]