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Hello entity. The X33D machine has generated some X33Ds uniquely for you. Take them, grow them, BR33D new X33Ds. Then share what you create.

X33D is a slow game where you grow strange seeds into polygonal alien growths. Each seed is unique and grows in a unique way. Each generation of your seeds is slightly mutated from the last. Take your favourite seeds and breed them together to create new seeds beyond what previously existed. Discover new seed genes, and new seed types. Keep your genes alive, but encourage them to change and flourish.

How it works:

Each X33D ID is 6 digits from 0-9, A-Z. Each Digit represents a “gene” and can control things like colour, speed of growth, or changing hue.

When you collect X33Ds you get “self-pollinated” X33Ds which have not changed much. There can be some small mutation, like one digit changing by 1, or swapping digits.

When you BR33D your X33Ds you get “sexual reproduction” which mixes the digits of the two IDs, and adds more mutations.

By taking interesting and different X33Ds and combining them, you can create some really cool X33Ds!

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Last Modified: Apr 24, 2020

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