Xandria's Curse

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Hi, I'm Danny Garay, thank you very much for download the game "Xandria" (code name for now).

Currently the game is in a very early stage of development, the idea of this demo (version 0.0.1) is that you try the game mechanics, how the character moves, how comfortable you feel jumping or attacking, how the AI of the enemies acts, finding bugs or glitches. Aspects like the default controls configuration, if it's comfortable to use them and the interface navigation (rudimentary for now) are also valid comments that will help me to improve the game.

You could even send me some video of your gameplay to see better how you develop the game.

#----------Bug reports---------#

If you find a strange behavior in the AI of the enemies, any problem that affects the gameplay of the game, or any error in general, you can report it to me by sending an email to: [email protected]

However, it won't help me much if you explain the problem, but don't give me the information on how the error was generated.

That's why in your bug report you should attach as much information as possible about how you caused the bug, so that I can also replicate that bug on my computer and look for a solution.

You must also send the name of the operating system and its version, also if you are playing with the keyboard or with a controller.

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Last Modified: Jul 3, 2020

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