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Xenus 2: White Gold

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Caribbean islands; islands full of secrets, mystery and the spirit of romance. These islands are both beautiful and lethally dangerous. Centuries ago the waters of this region were teeming with pirates and adventurers... and frankly, not much has changed since then.
Many books have been written about the Caribbean basin and many films have depicted it.
Now you have a unique chance to visit these places yourself and personally witness the everyday life of drug-dealers, bandits and the Mafioso. You'll be able to take part in various mysterious events and get involved in fights between various hostile forces, or just admire the luscious tropical environment while drinking the traditional pirate's liquor - rum. The Caribs are waiting for you!
The main hero arrives on the islands in order to investigate a series of mysterious events, but he instantly ends up in troubles that only you can help him with.
Game Features
An unique mix of RPG and an action shooter in a modern setting.
Total freeplay: visit all the island resorts of Caribbean turned into no-one’s ground.
Hundreds of destructible buildings and objects to blast into oblivion.
More than 25 different military gadgets, including trucks, tanks, choppers and gunboats.
Gripping non-linear storyline.
More than 30 types of weapons.
8 independent parties with complex relations between each other and the main hero.
An original RPG system.
Real-time weather effects, day/night and atmosphere changes.
Interaction with hundreds of unusual NPCs.

Release date
Deep Shadows
Age rating
Not rated
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System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Nov 16, 2020

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Xenus 2: White Gold reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Sponsored by a magazine that offers charming photos. Russia is beautiful. Xenus 2. White gold . , released in 2008, is an open-world FPS RPG where one embodies a veteran of a special force, recalled by the US Government to put an end to the trafficking of poisoned cocaine. (Normal cocaine, however, it can last) The more: let's start with the content, which is still very generous. We have a palanate of secondary quests, which are actually necessary to advance in the main quest. In the types of missions, we have everything: from the search for people, items, assassinations, watering of fertilizers on plantations of cocaine, etc... No really, it's varied. Sometimes boring, but varied. Another interesting point is the factions (mafia, guerillas, CIA, Government, civilians, bandits), with whom one can carry out missions, to annoy others, where for their simple profit. So there is a reputation management to take into account, which is on a simple basis: are you pissing off a faction? They're shooting at you on sight. (There are ways of bribing guards to avoid this, but as a rule, it often ends up in bloodshed.) Fortunately, with finances, we can "redeem" our reputation, which allows the player to enjoy all the content of the game, without having to start over. (Not very RP, but convenient) The map is just giant. One evolves on an archipelago, with several kilometers of fleet between each island, which one will enjoy to travel with helicopters (of tourism or combat), Jet-Ski, Zodiak, airplanes, mini-liners, and to move on the Mainland, of cars (some armed machine gun) graphically, for the time (2008), it is still very beautiful (although optimized with the buttocks), the decorations are certainly not quite varied, the game going on paradise islands, but the flora is provided and detailed, and water, which will surely be the thing you will see the most in the game (with bad doublings) is also very successful. So, the gameplay. We are on FPS, where we will have rather basic weapons (M4A1, AK47, revolver, a thresher, a sniper rifle, shotgun) but who is rather nervous, with possibilities (which must be confessed, hard to master) of stealth. Your character, by killing enemies or completing quests, gains experience, which will earn him levels, where he will be able to spend his skill points in improvements. (Jump higher, carry more loads, breathe longer under water, etc...) It's basic, but it's always a good point. The less, then. Already. BUGS! Everywhere, and for all tastes. Between the bugs of quests, dialogues, textures, collisions, it is frankly weighing, and they remain present (but arrive less frequently) with the application of unofficial patch. Then the soundtrack, and more precisely, the dialogues. Already, to have voices in this game, you have to download a patch apart, which gives voices in Russian, which are not too bad, but, some cutscenes are either not subtitled, and my notions in Russian are... in English. And there... There, you have before your eyes the only way to discredit a whole scenario, heroes and villains: a dubbing is overplayed, or soulless. The final scene will forever be engraved in my memory. Speaking of the scenario, you're looking for the poisoned cocaine supplier (you forgot?), but for that, you have to raise so many cash (and I guess it's a subtle maneuver from the developers to lengthen the lifespan) that I think that the informants can buy the country if they wanted to. So we are constantly searching for quests, objects for sale, while we would like to advance in the main story... There are many, many, many text to read, to learn nothing from the game, the story, or anything. The game has not been optimized at all. If you have the misfortune to throw an anti-tank grenade on too many enemies, the game crashes. By the way, I have not found any patch en for this game, so it will be English for everyone this noon! N.B.:-a link to an unofficial patch correcting a lot of the bugs that populate this game--> unofficial patch [www.patches-scrolls.de]-a link to a patch to fix audio problems (voice in Russian though)--> sound fix-it will be noted that If you finish the game, you cannot "continue" after the game ends. A little dumb for an open-world. Conclusion: Xenus 2. White gold . , it is not very well designed, but we take in the end a lot of fun to play it, as long as we take the time to Patcher. ____ If you have found this evaluation useful, come join our curation page and our forums!
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