Yakuza 4 reviews

Nicely entangles the story of 4 distinct playable characters
It brought us Akiyama and that's why it's great
Okay so, definitely spoilers ahead.

So let's start at the beginning, a new playable character? HELL YES.. oh wait, there are two new playable characters ... oh no wait, there are fucking 3! Honestly though, I love the new characters, the only gripe I have is Taiga's fighting style just seems so basic and mehhh, I do like that he hits like a tank though.

This game is much improved when you transition from 3 to 4, visually, gameplay wise, etc...

Voice acting and music is of course exceptional, which is to be expected and the story is IMO much better than 3. I'd say of the games I've played so far, this has the second best story, behind 2. I've yet to play 5+6 though.

You can finally play pachinko in that Volcano building, and if you could do it before then rip because I'd been wanting to go in there since the first time I saw it. Also plenty of minigames and other things to do as always and plenty of side quests.

Lastly before I wrap this up, what an ending this game has. I clocked in at just over 18 hours for the main story and will probably easily double that going back and doing all of the side quests and other various activities.

So final verdict, if you like the Yakuza  series then I don't need to sell you on this one but if you're reading this for whatever reason and haven't played the games before, go pick up the 0+1+2 collection and buckle up for a hell of a ride.

I'm bummed that 5 isn't getting it's PS4 release until February.

«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»