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Product received For free Early Access Review A few Words to Ymir: (Further down there are also links to my Ymir videos, in case you don't want to read) Ymir has a solid Basic Idea and allows you, especially with Friends, but also with Strangers within a big Spi There's a lot of Fun to be enjoyed with. Interacting with others, and Raging in a complex geopolitical Environment, is more than interesting And offers many exciting opportunities. That's Why I give Ymir a positive Rating. The Game is far from finished, though,... The Package you get is playable, but from time to time also to annoy in black-Why this is how I explain in the Text, but rather also in the Videos. First of all, on technology: If you only have one IPV6 Address (like me) you can't even host a Server without Tunneling services like Hamachi. Dedicated Servers are planned or are being worked on, but to my Knowledge not yet ready for mass use or can be purchased by server hosting Service. The Servers or the Saves are currently very unstable, so you should be prepared for multiple Reboots and New Beginnings. To joinen The Ymir Discord To then joinen the appropriate Community Server Discords (There is a Channel by listing them all) is Mandatory to be well informed. The Construction Part of the Game is solid, so who only plays "Single Player-Ceaser with Pigs" WIL, l can at least do that until an "idea" (Which one needs for Research) does not want to spawn partout, because the Game wants to force one In To make Contact In order to exchange "ideas." You should be able to do so at least English, have a Lot of Luck to meet a Compatriot or just Look for servers that are awarded German. The Game has included a lot of construction Sites, for example, the non-existent Game Balance at the Beginning (which is partly wanted x _ x) if you want to play competitive. The Battle AI is virtually non-existent and you can adjust to getting your hair out when your Troops line up like brainless Golems and run to Their deaths. The Event System during Exploration Can also bring you violently to the Palm Tree. It can be, if you're unlucky, that you lose "just so" whole Armies, or the Painstakingly built movement Points, – There the Game is unforgiving. Especially if that happens several times in a row you really think RNG be out to get you:D. A Defensive Style of Play is generally strongly preferred (bunkering down in almost impregnable fortresses is quite possible). As an aggressive Player, you have to do a lot to crack them, which is also because there are no Siege Mechanics. The Economic System is gradually improving and, in addition to political Possibilities such as introducing Social Reforms, various Economic forms and other ' Policies ', is one of the strong Sides of the Game. In Theory, Ymir is a great Sandbox that invites cooperation, Conflict, trade, deep Thoughts about one's economy, Stimulus programs, and other shenenigans-but still some. Parts severe, Teething suffers. Short Known Facts:-The Game is not yet available in German (If there should be a Fan Translation at all)-it is a 1-Man team, so everything takes a correspondingly long time-Ymir was developed with Gamemaker (!)-There are currently less than 10 Persistent Server-Meanwhile, Ymir has an integrated chat that facilitates diplomacy-A decent Session in Persistent Mode can take several Months, which is more of a Strategy MMO That is partly reminiscent of Browser games than a classic 4X Strategy. -There is also a Kind of "World Chronicles" in which Players can share their Achievements with others = write about them and publish a Kind of Newspaper article. My Impressions of Ymir in Video Format: My new Series for the current Steam Release-it also includes TUTORIALS HTTPS://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=AVHOGEGJFYE Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMwqkym59Zrv_FkwJ_uGNCXNn0GAeIbuB Real-time Game to "Learn": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fegt1aAC78k&index=2&list=PLMwqkym59ZruZ62NR_m4TcTHCs9wuIqGL&t=0s Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMwqkym59ZruZ62NR_m4TcTHCs9wuIqGL My first Great Persistent round with great Alliance of Start at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6dhdkkW7CQ&list=PLMwqkym59ZrvS-q9kabNtS4puBnZBofHA&t=0s&index=2 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMwqkym59ZrvS-q9kabNtS4puBnZBofHA