Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers

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A new era has dawned and Yu-Gi-Oh! returns with a fast paced twist on card dueling. Hot new duelists in Neo Domino City have taken card battling to the streets in a new motorsport called “Wheelie Breakers” that combines traditional card dueling with motorcycle racing. Climb upon your duel runner, summon magic monsters from your deck and battle opponents as you tear through race courses and city streets. Monsters use completely unique attack powers created just for the game to try and destroy other racers and keep them from completing the race. Battle your arch enemies for track supremacy in the first ever, card dueling wheel and deal. • The first ever Yu-Gi-Oh! card dueling race game for Wii • Characters and environments taken from the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s animated series • Strategic card battle for hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh! fans or an exciting arcade racer for casual gamers and racing aficionados alike • Completely customizable decks filled with Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards and power ups unique only to the video game • Summon over 100 monsters and creatures, with special powers and attacks during races • Clear races to acquire new cards for your deck providing motorcycle upgrades and more advanced attack monsters • Includes over 150 different Yu-Gi-Oh! cards complete with their own original effects • Utilize the Wii Remote for the card dueling and the Nunchuk for the racing • Includes 4 fun modes of play: Story Mode, Grand Prix Mode, Time Attack Mode and Competition Multiplayer Mode, with up to 4 friends in racing and dueling split screen
Release date
May 19, 2009
Age rating
Not rated
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