Z-Exemplar reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Product received for free Z-exemplar is a shoot them up that has the double advantage of being a "tribute to the ZX Spectrum" and a shoot of its time. Pilot employed by an expansionist Empire (here, it changes the hope of mankind attacked), you will clean up planets that have not done you anything to annexing them to the Empire. Good point for this scenario. The game itself is played as an R-type (relatively few items on the screen, but big Hitbox and scenery that kill), with a single life but the ability to start every planet indefinitely. Obtaining the bonuses reminds a little of the series of Darius and salamander, with the button that must be left to press to move from one box of armament to the other. All the harvested Z will raise the gauge and the excess is used in the shop outside the missins to buy an upgradeable armament. The planets are very numerous and can be done in the order we want. The difficulty is well dosed. Regarding the graphics, it's like I said a successful tribute to the spectrum without being what a spectrum could have done. Behind the retro look are hidden processes impossible for the old machine. It is therefore a game in the spirit of the spectrum and not the porting of a spectrum game or a spectrum game developed on PC. If you like the colors in applat, the big pixels (but not droggy) and the combinations of original colors (white and yellow in particular), this game will please you, whether you have known the spectrum or not. The music goes perfectly with the graphics and does not interfere. As for the enjoyment of the game, it is maximal because the difficulty, punitive, is not unfair and the player can only take it to himself because the ship responds to the finger and the eye and the armaments can become very devastating. Note not the plant modules. Finally, the large number of weapons to buy and improve and medals (sorts of successes) to acquire make it a delight for collectors. One could blame him for the absence of French kocalisation, but maybe this will be corrected later, who knows;-) or the lack of sound options or difficulty, while the graphics options are there. So not much to criticize, especially since the price is well positioned. The more aesthetic spectrum, including music the playability mix of old school and recent ideas the difficulty curve well dosed the very abundant evolutionary armament months you have to love the retro style the absence of different levels of difficulty at the outset the lack of localization in French conclusion this shoot is a delamable game, fun to play, to taste to come back! Very addictive, that's good sign. Here we have a new classic in the lineage of his big brothers above-mentioned. Buy it and support this little developer.