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BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD ! : ( Please note that this is NOT a DEMO version of a full game, this is only a DEMO version of a game concept i am working on !)
Its like Pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre Alpha.

TVM-Productions2017 Presents :

Made in Unity 5 

Zack's Nightmare.
Welcome to Zack's Nightmare, you play as 8 year old Zack.
Some strange things have been happening at your school.
You tried explaining to your parents that you can constantly hear "Ghostly sounds" all around the school, but of course they didn't believe one word of it.
You also tried telling this to your teacher, Mr Stevens but he, like your parents also didn't want to listen.
Also one of your classmate's named Eric, a strange and dark little boy, has been threatening you.
He bullied you for years and years and it keeps getting worse.
Eric has multiple mental health problems and that's why his father decided it was a good idea to get him the psychological treatment he needs.
Eric got even more insane after returning back to school.
A few days ago Eric challenged you to a bet, he said that if you could stay one entire night all alone, locked inside the school, he would never bully you again.
You accepted this challenge, but what he didn't tell you was that he locked you inside by locking the front door.
It's now up to you to find a way out! , while you try to escape from, your haunted school you will encounter many interesting notes and objects explain a ton of things about your school, about your parents, and most of all about Eric.

Most of the core game mechanics are already coded and in place.
You can interact with almost every object,hatches,doors,toys etc.

Please do not!!!!!! send me any comments about this being a crap game ! this is only a "Prototype Game idea Version"
I would however really like to get some feedback on this game if you do download it ;)

All texture's & 3D models are made by myself. Also all coding is done just by me.
All sounds effects are from : (Owners/Makers will be credited if this ever becomes a full working game)

This game will be a mix between Horror and Puzzle games.

What i personaly really love about this game idea, is that i choose to use only really ezxtremly low poly texture's but it looks really cool i think atleast. Therefor this game will work on almost any settings on almost any PC/Laptop !

You can follow progress on this game development on my youtube channel if you like :

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Not rated
Zack's Nightmare (REALLY EARLY PROTOTYPE DEMO) screenshot, image №1273520 - RAWG
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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