Zampa Cubes

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Zampa Cubes is a simple, funny and addictive free arcade game. Show the world your skills by collecting as many cubes as possible while avoiding the black balls. Accept the challenge and compete worldwide to be the best. Share your score with your friends and show them who's the best!!

As a good arcade game, it won't be easy. There are several power-ups that can benefit or harm you, so you better be careful! Find them out!!

Playing Zampa Cubes is simple:

-Slide your finger, anywhere on the screen, towards the direction you want to move the white ball.
-Dodge the black balls that appear on the screen. The higher the level, the more and faster balls will appear!!
-Get all blue cubes in each side, then look for the yellow cube, the last one of the level and be ready to move to the next level for some serious trouble!
-Put the white ball in the edges of the side to move to a different side of the cube. Arrows in the screen will indicate when you can do that. Explore all sides and collect all points you can.
-Collect power-ups. They appear randomly and it will be indicated by a message and a special sound. You'll have to look for them because they can appear in any side. There are 4 of them so, get them and find out what they do!

Zampa Cubes is free, you have never played anything so funny and addictive!!

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Cosmic Works Studios
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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