Z.A.R. reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Writing about old games is not a problem that is doubtful, and also difficult in fact. No, of course, you can drown in your own nostalgia and tell stories: "Oh, God, the game of childhood, cheers"-not paying attention to the fact that you are no longer a child, nor those few who can read you. Or even go down to a long-time hateful and annoying phrase-"10" unfunny nonsense "out of 10". So, I think I invented a useful template for any junk. It Is necessary to answer 3 questions: Was it good? Is it still good? And is it worth buying and where? I think it's easy. So. Was it good? No Z. A. R has ever been a good game. Released domestic shooter either in late 1997, or early 1998, ie almost simultaneously with the second Quake-did not withstand any serious criticism. Actually, it does not stand up to criticism, compared with almost any decent game of the time. Perhaps because it manages to be more primitive than the first DOOM. It is not a plot, which is first served as a story about the next mad AI, and eventually turns out to be a set of simple tasks-to kill 15-20 robots, destroy 10-15 buildings. And in the fact that there is nothing else on the large open tracts. No interesting interaction with the environment, and the environment is not-10 trees on a huge wasteland. Collect ammo, shoot enemies, if you find-there is a single robot, which on the job must be killed can be lost in the local territory for a long time. Better let the corridors with the search keys. Still good? Of Course not. Large hilly locations with lunar Grafitami and, at the same time with the hero, very much afraid of heights (ie to jump carefully) and very sharp opponents. Such boring, monotonous and uncomfortable action was not the norm either then or now. I can Not imagine any person who would not go through it in his time, would not feel the obvious discomfort to Buy? If The game is very old and it is not in GOG-it is a reason to think. Well, maybe you as well as I do not know why you need a digital, licensed copy-runs and works in the steam? And without problems, only such a "high" resolution as 800 for 600 brakes, well, I'll pretend that I have an old, weak computer and run in 480 on 320. But who to buy? Except for those people who as well as I was unlucky to buy, his mother, Z. A. R instead of Quake 2-most likely anyone. Even for the purposes of cultural excavations is not good-feeling as if people did their DOOM, but tightened and released something completely detached from reality, which went much forward. All are subject to nostalgia, and I am not less-I have not just bought it. Let's run, I'll shoot some good music, I'll delete it, in a year or two again. But It is impossible to recommend and praise it. Ponder, almost any old game in the steam is all positive reviews and it does not matter whether it is good or not. As a result, there is absolutely no way to separate the classics, which is still possible to play and recommend (from the native, for example, the Allois/Rage of Mages, came out in the same year), from the weak and the passing. Analogies do not prove anything, but they are convenient to use to express thought. This game is similar to not even old movies with Van Damme, and with some Michael Daudikoffym (I hope correctly wrote the surname). That is the most foolish, absolutely stupid and infinitely naïve spectacle-all together even, to some extent, cute. Does anyone want an American ninja look? Here He is in the steam, in the form of a game for 149 rubles.