Zeran's Folly reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Zeran's Folly is a bittersweet game, because it has very good ideas that are executed in a rather poor way. On A graphical level, the game meets. Do Not Expect plans or scenarios that visually impact, because you won't find them. In The Sound section, you can find pretty good and catchy songs mixed with some that are not so much, but the latter are minority. As for the gameplay, each dungeon is practically identical to the previous one and even the enemies are constantly reused, the battles against the bosses are chaotic and the solution to them is usually to be thrown headlong without thinking and clubbing buttons (and the game what Makes it clear in the guide in Lone's room. The protagonist Group is quite interesting and I recognize that their adventures are a breath of fresh air in the industry, because there is no shortage of video games with foul language, gore humor and sexual jokers but also have charismatic characters and be made to want if Well it is true that there are scenes that can not transmit anything. Considering that the game has done a single person and is quite cheap, I do not want to spend thrusting ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥. Despite its flaws, I liked it, although I can understand that there are people who do not.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
OK, that's good, I've had enough, pity, do not throw any more! I did two sessions, and I infer several things, including the fact that I'm obviously not good enough for this "game". What's wrong with my sense? = > inertia: you have a guy in ice skates to control in a platformer. Annoying =/and beware of you if you make several jumps away: you are sure not to stop there you thought. = > Strange jumps: If you're on a slope, you're going to jump diagonally, and not straight. "Practice" to master what we do, right? And it's not like it's going against all the platform games I know. = > Attacks: you have the reach of Michelangelo in the Ninja turtles on NES. It's better than Raphaleo, but not much-_-= > back on key: If you hit by jumping, your character is pushed away. Not embarrassing? Not if we combine with the design at €2 of the game (see point below) = > the design of the levels: it is normal that the world is filled with platforms that fall (and this, from the beginning of the game) with an enemy who expect me specifically at each jump from a platform to an aut E? Knowing that if by happiness I get to touch it (= > don't forget the ice skates and the range of weapons) I'm pushed back to... a platform that has fallen?! Yay the positive point in my sense are: = > the aesthetics of the game: I appreciate side of the neutral: = > humor. I haven't had time to see it yet. I confess that the open and obscene special incest dialogue between the first boss and his sister did not particularly convince me. Maybe it improves afterwards, let's know... I am amazed that nothing is traced back to the moulted controls and the design not top during the tests of the game. I should have gone to test the free version of the game available on their site I believe. It's my fault on this side. In short (and if you had doubts): I do not recommend this game. Even at €5 as I paid. Edit: I forgot: I played the gamepad.