Zeus Battlegrounds reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Early access review well you're going to tell me it's still a Royal battle, it's true but this one holds its originality from its world that is based on Greek mythology and its gameplay is based more towards the body-to-body with some weapons to dista as well as the gifts of God which are very powerful powers given in the temples (there are for now 5 temples: Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Hades and Ares). The player starts on the floating island of Zeus where he will say that you are all incapable and whoever survives is the most capable of the incapable. There are two cosmetic elements the clothes that are those of the beginning of the game and the skins of weapons/armor, this game takes over the system of rarity in Fortnite, but by adding this time a real visual enhancement, a common armor will be not detailed next to the same armor, but in an epic. The legendary rarity can only be obtained by leaving a vault sent by Zeus the positives-his gameplay is really fun when taken in hand, even if at first we will wonder why we did not touch with such attack-his universe on mythology furlough t of great variety, on the map there are known cities like Rhodes or Mount Olympus and the developers have promised other maps and map improvements. -donations that are roughly your ultimate ability that can either make great damage or make you invisible, so this allows for diversity other than weapons. -developers are listening to the community, they are their servers discord where you can talk with them and that allows the community to be heard and correct or change things (like the UI that were at the beginning illegible)-the fact that there is a real c Visual hanging between a common armor and epic, because mine does nothing that allows to spot by far those who have weak armor or so those who have epic armor see legendary-very rare bug and most often not disabling-the future arrival promoted by the new map developers/new mode and full of something else the points that go questionable-it has a particular graphics, some will say handsome other would say ugly. After that, it is only an early access to a small Studio so do not wait for wonders level graphics. There is a contrast between the characters and the environment, because sometimes the environment is not detailed enough compared to the character-it's a season pass game, after that was to expect/dread of a battle royal f2p, but they still offer in the free bearings 2 weapon skins, 6 clothes, 1 Cape, 300 favors (gambling money) and an emote-the first person mode exists, but I do not see its usefulness too, because the 3rd person mode presents much more benefits. Negative points-the interface, really the interface, is done, but it is not joy. The worst is the fact of transferring objects from a trunk/draft to your inventory, either you do everything by sliding or you double clicks left and then it becomes your object equipped-the graphics of some trees it on the other hand I do not let pass , some trees/vegetation are really ugly-the scarcity of care in small towns, as soon as one is not in a big city or in the Colosseum it becomes very hard to find a healing potion or you have to find a fire. -no spectator mode when one is dead, which is a pity, because one could then see how in front it plays. For me, this game is a very good Royal battle, with its universe and its gameplay it can happen to do great things. Its developers listening to the community will then allow to evolve the game that suits the player. Fan of Mythology or amateur Battle Royal tried this game, the way to the recognition of Zeus is close