Zombo Buster Rising reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
When I alluded To Zombo Buster Rising I thought it would be an easy, more casual zombie shooter ... Sure it's Casual and clear it's also a zombie shooter where Waves around Waves of zombie hordes have to be mowed down, but the Game has real Class! In a witty, packaged story, as a Survivor, you face the naked Horror of a zombie apocalypse. The Basic Principle is simply explained. You hold a Bunker and have to stop huge Waves of advancing Zombies from getting inside Its Interior from its Roof. After just a few Levels, your Team is richer by two more Survivors. A Sniper And the Heavy Weapons Man (Rocket launcher) stand by you as AI support. After a few more Levels, you also unlocked the three special abilities (which should be used sensibly and tactically in battle). There is a dynamite charge, a Timehead and the Airstrike (in the Form of Bomb drops). It is precisely those Abilities that can be upgraded, as can the three Characters. This requires successfully Completing the Levels where you can get up to three Diamonds (Stars) each. You'Ll also receive Gold as you Battle the zombie waves, which will help you upgrade the Weapon abilities of your three Characters. Here it is sometimes advisable to repeat one or the other Level (minimal Grind) in order to get a Tick ahead of the zombie horde in the next Level. You can also get bonus boosters into a Gold Shop, while these powerful Boosters cost quite a bit, they are very helpful at the last Levels (especially if you want to unlock the latest Achievements). As The Game progresses, you'll encounter new zombie species that are inserted into the Game in a funny Way, complementing and amplifying the Horde advancing to you. Towards the End of the Game, the new Zombies increase significantly. Furthermore, there are other Refugees who run before or with the Horde to your Saving Position. These occasionally appear as Soldiers and tell you all the gold bonuses when they make it into your Position alive. Unfortunately, the poor Guys often get caught in The Crossfire and you often have to weigh up whether it doesn't make more sense to just shoot them over the Heap to prevent being overrun by the Horde. The whole Game is graphically then still super packed. Funny and elaborate Animations and the detailed Design of the Zombies make the Game a real Treat. The Only Minus Point would be that the Battlefield never shifts, that is, you always fight in the same Place and thus get to See the same background graphic in the middle. But this clearly takes a Back seat, as you really need to focus on the approaching Horde and haven't been invited to the Landscape Show! Unfortunately, the Game is not so extensive and at the End you would like to see a few More levels, but compared to the favorable Acquisition Costs and the Fun Factor, this easily outweighs itself again. Let Us hope that in the Future we will be able to get even more such high-quality Games (or even a Sequel) from FIREBEAST. Finally, it should be noted that the required Achievements of the Game have been truly fair and kept and can easily be unlocked in a normal Course of play. Conclusion: Zombo Buster Rising can be purchased at a super affordable Price in the Steam store and turns out to be a small indie pearl. It's worth its Price all times and a real Highlight in this Genre! And if you also like zombie games, you can access without hesitation. I can only recommend this Game!