Zoo Rampage reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Zoo Rampage Zoo Rampage is a rather smaller Game with only 7 Levels and to be considered as a Game for In Between. Game: The Point of The Game is with the Animal of Your Choice to overrun all Zoo Visitors and Guards again and again and do as much Damage as possible. Apart from the two Special Worlds with Elephant Football and Penguin Feeding. It's when you have Kids maybe a very nice Game or stop as a Gap Filler. In the first 30 Minutes you are also massively showered with Achievements. Later On, this becomes rarer and you have to work towards it significantly In the target. Settings: Settings can be made but are not necessary except if necessary to turn off the Music. Achievements: Achievements work all and can be achieved if you invest enough time in this Game all Without Problems. Conclusion: The Game principle quickly loses its Appeal and in the Long run it becomes boring at some point. I was happy to have it through and to have achieved all The Achievements. In the Sale otherwise rather not!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
By launching Zoo rampage, I thought I'd get on a management game. The surprise was great when I realized that you had to actually destroy a park of amusement! Fun concept that quickly made me think of the game "demolition Inc.". The gameplay is ultra Basic, apart from the directional arrows and a knock button, you don't need anything else. Your goal is to destroy a maximum of objects in the park with the help of an animal, to deliver the other animals retained in the pens, and to crush guards and visitors. The concept is damn fun, but the content is really too light. You will have to settle for 7 levels, of which only 3 are Zoo. 2 others are taking place in the city, and finally, the last are slightly more original levels, scoring goals with elephants on a football stadium, and picking up fish lawed by fishermen using a Penguin. I might as well tell you that 7 levels is very quickly done, knowing that the mission lasts 1 minute! In short, you may have made the rounds of the game in about fifteen minutes if you succeed the first time the scores necessary to unlock the next level. At the beginning of the mission you will have the choice between several animals of the Park. You choose which one you will use to ruin it! Elephant, Rhinoceros, Zebra, giraffe, Gorilla, crocodile etc. Few bugs encountered during these few hours of play, this is only at the moment the visitors remain buggy at the start of the mission. The game is played solo or 4 in local co-op. At the level of success, there are 45! Count 3 hours for all the unspouting, the longest being to crush 5.000 visitors, and 2.500 Zoo guards. The +:-the concept of the game-simple and effective gameplay-fun-the price (€3.99)-local Coop at 4 Les-:-too little content! (7 levels for a dozen animals). -The bug of the frozen visitors-a very short lifespan, a few minutes are necessary to see everything. Successes: solo: Yes multi: no duration: 3 hours difficulty: ultra easy