Zoop! - Hunter's Grimm reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
111 Minutes, 695 Achievements and some boobie displays later I leave a Purchase out of Goodwill-... No, recommended rather a "Possession." Since I used to paddle a lot of RPGM games, I make the Effort: PRO It's cheap (and we don't want to let my good Coupon run off, which has made the Whole thing even cheaper ...?:D) Instant ALLE Emoticons inspired by What 'SApp, Achievements (695) when Entering the Game Of Character made for the Game-just like Monster models The Lyrics are quite funny, a Piece I actually seriously played The Game doesn't take itself all too seriously CONATRA It's VIEL to FALIQUEL ...!!! Ups, I could not control myself for a short time. :D-But seriously: Why? A Wind Train and it's called "Hallooo Nipple." While it's cute with these deliberately provocative Models. But if anyone is to find the Game interesting, THAT can't be the Poster child (literally, cave). Except one wishes for a correspondingly infantile fan Congregation, which is not looking for the Achievements. Leg tenth Time you want to see give the Girl a Jacket. Even if the Character Models are quite nice to look at. The "Men" come despite Vikinger beard and/or rough Handling tone like little Boys before ... The again around a Game would only buy because of the Boobies. Please forgive me. :D Very weak combat interface. Cheap Animations. Standard sound effects of the RPG maker. Also weak Story concept. Heroes kill professional monsters. Oberboss is coming. Heroes are chosen to kill the Head boss. Yawn. FAZIT: I've seen and played much better, more lengthy and professional Games of this Kind. And that's for exactly €0! Why this Game has landed at Steam and also costs money, I can't imagine and I'm sorry for everyone who-even cute or funny-created Games of this Kind and put their Heart's blood in there-but unfortunately don't see a Penny Although you would treat them to it. The Game is sweet and funny and has also been created with some Love. Nevertheless, I recommend it more by Grace than because of the Game itself. Many Achievements that can be exhited in Profile. 3 free Collectible cards to continue to blurter. That's it. And if you get everything given from the Beginning, of course you can't take the Whole thing seriously. Just one emphatic Note: This is, in my Opinion, NOT a worthy End product Of a Game Development, in order to be offered on the momentary most extensive official Gaming platform (Steam) _ for _ Geld _. For a few Cents, however, you can buy the "Game" and exhibit the gifted Achievements in Profile.