Zotrix reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Zotrix is a dive into the past, in the era of Sh'emupp-ov with such things as economics and trade, however, to say that it is full of variability is extremely difficult, because the quests are not distinguished by a special variety, but provide you a portion of the tests. Besides, it is necessary to allocate convenient management and pleasant musical accompaniment. But Still, this type of games is not for me, but it is a worthy legacy of the genre, which deserves to find its audience. reVote 6/10
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Zotrix is a Space Arcade Shooter that is said to be inspired by the old Games from the 80s and 90s. The Content of the Game is actually destroying other Ships, upgrading its Ship, etc. There is a Main Mission and a few Side Missions, but they all resemble each other. On time, the Missions are a bit boring and the Opponents repeat themselves again and again later. In the Beginning, the Game seems very difficult, which is because you don't understand the mission System at the Beginning and select the wrong Track on which opponents are far too strong At the Beginning. But if you then understand which Route you have to choose, the Game is simple and no longer offers a Challenge. After about 9 Hours you are with the Story through and after about 14 Hours with the last Achivement. There is to be a second Part this Year, and I hope that the level of difficulty will then be increased and that the Missions and Adversaries will be made more varied. In total I give 6/10 Points but €12 is too expensive, I recommend then waiting for an Offer.
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Microsoft from French
Why am I not going to recommend this little shooter of the kind r-type when I like this kind of game? The major flaw, in my opinion, is that sound diarrhea that we are served and that unbearable from the first table, not even the second or third... No, from the very first and that only gets worse as we play. So good music is already not top but by lowering it enough so that it is based in the landscape it becomes bearable... But even then the SFX are SHITTING and ultra heavy, and the shooting sound of your bship as much as you say right away, is ULTRA MEGA repetitive and CHIANNNNNNNTTTTTT! For this kind of game there are only three things in my opinion, the fun, the visual aspect and the soundtrack. We do not care about having dialogue that we pass as quickly as possible. It's good to make a trading system... but hey it's not stunning, it's not bad to be able to "Customize" his ship... but the customization is not demented either... so when in addition one is obliged to play without the sound immediately we feel that the pill passes badly and we hasten to spit it out. So go your way and spend your sub-other;)