Games starting with 1

105th_OneHourGameJam Game10600 Final10661066; The Viking Conquest of England106's pocket dimension1080° Avalanche1080 Chase in Progress1080º Snowboarding1080° SNOWBOARDING1080° Snowboarding (1998)1081108 Planets108 Suitors10910 Bands10 Beautiful Postcards10 Billion Husbands10 Billion Wives10 Block King10 Blocks10 Cent Classics: Bam 'N Jam10 Cent Classics: Chomperman10 Cent Classics: Shady Pack10 Coins10 Color Spin - Dots On A Circle10Cube10Cube - Let's fit the cube10Day Earth10 Days Away10 days in a town called shadow10 Days to Jupiter Demo10 Days to ((WAVE))olution10 Death Metals + 7,000 Kill Coins10 Dice10! Dice - Fun Math Puzzle10 Flights of Ballooning10 For 10000°10 Frame Bowling10 games for BTOB10 Games, One Hour10 GATES OF IMMORTALITY10 Gnomes in Bologna10 Gnomes in Dubrovnik10 Gnomes in Liege10 Gnomes in Malmo10 Gnomes in Montaigut10 Gnomes in Oristano10 Gnomes in Paris10 Gnomes in Porto Petro10 Gnomes in Pothia10 Gnomes in Trstenik10 Gnomes in Venice10 Hoops10! Impossible Merge Challenge10-in-1: Arcade Collection10 in 1 game-a-week bundle!10 inches or less10-IN-ONE10 Jumps10k+ Color By Number Pixel Art10K: Line Art Arcade10k Tactics Prototype10KTaps10K Taps10K To Impact10 Lil Monkeys - SMS Game10 Mania10 Miles To Safety10 Minute Barbarian10 Minute Game10 Minute Game Dev Challenge10 Minute GameDev Challenge - Flappy Bird10 Minute Game (JoshSucks)10minute RPG10-Minutes Game Jam #1 - Fly Away! (remastered version)10 Minutes Game Jam #2 - Replicate10 minutes games10 Minutes Hexagon10 Minutes Late10 Minute Solution10 Minute Tower10 Mississippi10 Mississippi (itch)10 More Bullets10nis10: Nothing is explained10ntropy10 Numbers in Under 10 Seconds10 pieds sous neige10 Pin Shuffle Bowling10 Pin Shuffle Pro Bowling10 Pin Shuffle Tournaments10pm10PrintChr$wler10 Pro Board Games10 Rolls10 Rooms10 Rounds10S10s3c0nds10 Sec Hero10 sec of Fame10 SECOND ASCENCION10 Second DASH10SecondDay10 Second Dragon Feeder10 Second Dungeon10 Second Flash Fight10 Second Insults10 second maze10 Second Ninja10 Second Ninja X10 Second Pet10 Second Potato Salad10 Second Run10 Second Runner10 Second Run RETURNS10Seconds10 seconds10seconds2Mars10 seconds classics10 Second Scribbles10 Second Script10 Second Shuriken10 Second Shuriken (itch)10 Seconds in Hell10 Seconds (itch)10 Seconds (itch) (Franketein)10 Seconds (itch) (~Imani~)10 Seconds (itch) (robotpencil)10 Seconds (itch) (Stéphane Restani)10 Seconds Jump10 Second Sniper10 Seconds of Easter (One Hour Game Jam 103)10 Seconds of Farmyard Madness10 Seconds of Joy10 Seconds of Your Mind10 seconds Pounding Mochi10 Seconds To Defuse A Bomb10 Seconds to die10 Seconds to draw that picture10 Seconds to Explode10 Seconds to KILL yourself10 Seconds to live again10 seconds to midnight10SecondsToPardise10 Second Stopwatch10 seconds to run10 Second Switch10 Seconds Without Gravity