Games starting with 9

99.9009,000 Lives9001900884 Don't touch my banana900 (itch)900km Long901901505-Plump Party9.039.03m9.03m (itch)90489:0590'90'909s DEMOWORLD90 Day Seance90 Days To Defence90 Degrees90 Degrees (Team 101)90 dias por um sonho: O game90 Minute Fever90 Minutes90-minutes90 numbers90 Particle90s90s Dystopia90 Second Coffee Dash90 Second Portraits90 Seconds90 seconds: Spy Cars Racing Game -a Free Extreme Escape Adventure90 Seconds (Stikkz)90 seconds to detonation90's FPS Prototype90's FPS Prototype Version90's game prototype90sHitsAndBombs90s memories90's Point & Click prototype90's Pool90’s Pool90's pop up window90s Runner90s shoebox: keep it or throw it away90 Story Lavatory90's Tower90s TV90S word guessing game919/10/21 Horror Game91-08-04 Sound Test9 10 doh nightmare9 10 doh Nightmare Deluxe Family Edition9/10ths of the Law911911^^9111911 Airport Rescue 2 Free9/11 Attacks Survivor911 City Helicopter Landing911 City Helicopter Rescue911 Emergency Ambulance Driver Duty: Fire-Fighter Truck Rescue911 Emergency Dispatcher911 Emergency Manager911 Emergency Response Sim 3D911 Emergency Simulator Game911 Fire Rescue911: First Responders911 Helicopter Rescue Night Ci911 Horror Calls911 Hospital: Emergency Doctor911 Operator911 Operator DEMO911 Operator Lite911 Operator + Special Resources911: Paramedic911 Rescue Simulator911 Rescue Simulator 2911 Rescue Simulator 2016911 Rescue Simulator 2 Pro911 Tuning Pursuit911 What's Your Emergency9/159194 TSUNAMI9:219:22925925 (raz_zhang)9 3/4 Platform938110-Tower Defence Game94%9-5957873 Ashes reborn9-5 (Nicoli)95 Port95th9696.7FM96 - Another Story96 Mill9/7 demo psychofest98984987989 Sports Major League Baseball series98 Ball98 Blocks98 Cards9.8 m/s^2 Homosapien98 Shooter98th One Hour Game Jam - Type "Egg"98%的人答不對9.99999¢ a Gallon994 W 24th99.5°99646224996的真实老板篇99999999999,999 Tanks99999 (Demo)99999in199999 (itch)9999 in 1999 A.D.999- A Mahjong Game999 Blocks999 Bowls of Oatmeal and 1 Jumpscare Walk Into a Random Number Generator999bullets999 Clicker99.9% Disinfected999 (itch)999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors999X: Super Subsonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Starfighters99 Anime Girls99 Arrows99 Balloons!99 Balloons HD99 Balloons, Pop n Match 399 Balls99 Bird Blaster Blitz99 Bones aka Dice HD99 Bones aka Dice, Match 399 Bottles99 bottles (lansanah)99 BOTTLES OF BEER