Games starting with F

FF+F%$#IN BIRDS!F0G & M4GYF0RMSF0-ROBINF1F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0 (2014)F-117A Stealth FighterF-117A Stealth Fighter (2020)F-117 Night StormF1 2000F1 2001F1 2002F1 2009F1 2010F1 2011F1 2011 PS VitaF1 2012F1 2013F1 2014F1 2015F1 2016F1 2017F1 2017 (itch)F1 2017 TrialF1 2018F1 2018 DemoF1 2018 - Extreme LivewireF1 2019F1 2020F1 2021F1 22F1 2 Player RacingF13F-14 TomcatF-14 Tomcat 0.5F15H 74NKF-15 Strike EagleF-15 Strike Eagle 2F-15 Strike Eagle 3F-15 Strike Eagle IIF-15: The Definitive Jet Combat SimulatorF160 - Flight SimulatorF-16 AggressorF-16 Fighterf16 Fighter Jet Plane Simulator 3DF-16 Fighting FalconF-16 Fighting Falcon - Combat Flight Simulator of Infinite Fighter HunterF16 Jet Fighter Air Sky Strike – aircraft missile war simulatorF-16 Multirole FighterF16 Nitro Aeroflight - Air Fighters Pilot LandingF16 Wings Sky WarF18 3D Fighter Jet SimulatorF18 Aircraft Dogfight Free . RC Navy Air Force WarF18 Carrier LandingF18 Carrier Landing LiteF18 Dogfight Sim 3DF-18 No Fly ZoneF18 Pilot SimulatorF18 Shooting SkyF18 Strike Fighter Pilot . Jet Flight Simulator Game For FreeF-19 Stealth FighterF1 Arcade GameF1 BallF1 Challenge (1996)F1 Challenge '99-'02F1 Championship Season 2000F1 CircusF1 CubeF1-Dodge (C64)F1 DriftF-1 DRIVEF-1 DRIVE (itch)F1 DriverF1 Exhaust NoteF1=-F2F1 Grand PrixF1 GRAND PRIX 1987F1 Grand Prix: Nakajima SatoruF-1 Hero MDF1 (itch)F1 journeyF1 Journey (xander.bomersback)F1 ManagerF1 Manager 2000F1 Manager 2022F1 Manager 2022 (itch)F1 Manager ProfessionalF1 Mobile Racingf1nk's dumba** adventuref1nn game 0.1F1 Online: The GameF1 Pole PositionF1 Pole Position 2F1 Pole Position 64F1PrototypeF-1 RaceF1 RaceF1 RacerF1 Race (recreation)F1 Racer (Inconsistent Pixels)F1 Race SimulationF1 RACE STARSF1 Racing ChampionshipF1 Racing Championship 2F1 Racing gameF1 Racing Simulationf1RankedRANKRANKF1 ROC: Race of ChampionsF-1 SensationF1-SGF1 SimulatorF1 speed carF-1 SpiritF1 Time TrialF1 TornadoF1 TycoonF-1 World Grand PrixF1 World Grand PrixF1 World Grand Prix 1999 SeasonF1 World Grand Prix 2000F-1 World Grand Prix IIF1 World Tourf 2.0F 2017 Le Mans RaceF-22 Air Dominance FighterF22 AirForce: Assault HorizonF-22 InterceptorF-22 LightningF-22 Lightning 2F-22 Lightning 3F-22 RaptorF-22 Raptor - Combat Flight Simulator of Infinite Airplane HunterF22 - Simple EditionF-22 Total Air WarF24 Stealth FighterF25F-29 RetaliatorF29 RetaliatorF29 Retaliator (2020)F2A Buffalo CombatF2OGGY (Only one survives!)F2 Target TekkersF3F-32~33F-33L5F355 ChallengeF-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter - Combat Flight Simulator