F2OGGY (Only one survives!)

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F2OGGY (Only one survives!) is a Brute-Force Local Multiplayer Frog-Combat Simulator™ made for a growing audience of competitive frogfans.
Each player is divided into a faction (a Frog-Faction™), and must defeat their opponent using High-Velocity Amphibian Impact Lunges™. There are a total of three (3) respective rounds for each unconquered territory. The player that has won the most rounds, as well as territory, will be Natural Selection's Final Choice™.

F2OGGY (Only one survives!)
is a local multiplayer game that supports up to, but not more than, two (2) players to best simulate frogfights to the death.

F2OGGY (Only one survives!) supports Xbox 360 controllers and PlayStation controllers, but it is best played on a keyboard so that you can fight over valuable keyboard real estate in the real world.

Please read the 3016 Definitive Control Guide PDF for the control scheme.

* Player 1:
Direction = W / A / S / D
Attack = Direction + Left SHIFT

* Player 2:
Direction = U / H / J / K
Attack = Direction + L

* ESC toggles window fullscreen* SPACEBAR also does things

F2OGGY (Only one survives!) is the sequel to the critically acclaimed frog game FROGGY (It's Hungry!).

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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