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9.03m, is a short, first person, art/empathy game for PC. Not a game in the traditional sense of the word; it aims to humanise, and remember the victims of the 2011 Japanese tsunami. The media is quick to put figures to death tolls in such disasters, and 9.03m tries to remind people of the individuals behind those figures.

9.03m is set on Baker Beach in San Francisco, where debris from the tsunami has washed ashore in the years following the tsunami.

To play, you must find the butterflies.


9.03m started life as a final year university project from the designer & and instigator of the project, Karl Inglott. The project involved investigating games that affect the player. Towards November 2012 Karl had a few ideas down on paper, mind maps, and concepts, but nothing that felt good enough.

At around this point, news reports in the media told of debris washing up onto U.S. shorelines, and that a lot of the debris was going into landfill, or getting scavenged. 9.03m was born out of this idea, as the game looked to highlight the importance of the person behind each object, along with the value and memories we as humans attach to them through our life experiences.

9.03m acted as Space Budgie's first commerical release as a studio and went on to break through the Steam Greenlight process. Nominated for a BAFTA and two TIGA awards, 9.03m was released on Steam in 2013,raising over £10,000 for charity for RedR and Aid for Japan, with the latter helping orphans who lost their parents in the tsunami.

  • A short experimental empathy game, raising awareness of the events of the Tohoku tsunami in 2011
  • All royalties (as of 19/12/2013) are donated to charity. Half of all received Space Budgie royalties go to Aid For Japan (www.aidforjapan.org.uk), a charity that helps children who lost their parents in the tsunami. The other half goes to Redr (www.redr.org.uk) a charity that helps in disaster scenarios.
Selected Articles
  • "The entire experience lasts a little under a quarter hour, but it will linger in the mind for long after."
    - Maryn McLaughlin, The Scotsman
  • "It's moving, it's gorgeous, and if you don't have the feels yet, you'll get them. I won't say any more, but 9.03m's ending will stick with you for a long time."
    - Cory Stine, Jetpack Joust
  • "A Truly Beautful Game"
    - 9.03m, Markiplier
Awards & Accolades
  • "BAFTA New Talent Award Nomination for Best Game" 2014
  • "TIGA Nomination for Game With a Purpose" 2014
  • "TIGA Nomination for Best Student Game" 2014

More information on 9.03m is available on our press kit here


Karl Inglott
Concept, Design, Implementation & Environment

Robin Griffiths
Artist & Animator - Butterfly

Mustafa Cetiner
Artist - Characters & Objects

Ronan Quigley
Audio Designer & Composer

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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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