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Good mmorpg free game :D 
So, here's the deal: I'm not a huge CoD nerd, but I play it from time to time. And it just so happens, that Black Ops 4 got me hooked so hard, that all the way back on the beta I got to max level on console, and was halfway through on PC. And the fun thing is - I'm not even sure that BO4 itself is the sole reason for that. BO4 came out at the perfect moment for me - I got tired of team/hero-based shooters, and I wasn't enjoying Destiny 2's PvP anymore, so I basically had no PvP shooter to play, and out of nowhere - BO4 beta came, and it just felt so nice! The thing about CoD is that it's kinda stuck in time, and that's not really a bad thing. The core gameplay is still that visceral non-stop action, with instant respawns and immediate feedback to your success. It is also a series where a single person's skill can carry the whole game, which is hard to come by in team-oriented games these days. All of that combined kinda works great in 2018 if you just want to run around and shoot people in the face, not worrying about anything. If you dive a bit deeper - you'll find that it's one of the nicer iterations of the sandbox as well. It's not a Jetpack Hell from Black Ops 3 (not that I had an issue with it personally, but people didn't seem to like it that much), and it's not too old-school, like WWII was. The specialist choice now actually matters and that brings a bit of the "hero-shooter" feel to the age-old setup, which is a nice touch. And on top of it all - you have Blackout, a Battle Royale mode which people seem to enjoy (not really my thing), and an amazing iteration of Zombies. So yeah. If you like shooters, got a bit tired of your team not pushing that damn payload, and just want to vent-out while grinding some sweet skins - BO4 is the perfect game for that so far. Been playing for like 20-30 hours already, and plan to keep on doing just that.
Fun. And that's all.
«Better With Friends»
I don't usually like horror or very dark games, but I decided to try this one after hearing so many praises to it. And usually, after so much hype the game usually disappoints, even a tiny bit, but boy oh boy this game delivered. Soma is not actually a horror game, more like a dark and gritty sci-fi with a disturbing atmosphere and plot but that darkness and an uneasy feeling is really strong and well made. I don't want to spoil anything, but this was one of the very few games who manages to pull that "what just happened down there, I have to know" feeling perfect. After the ending, I just sat and stared to scrolling end credits, but inside my mind was blowing up like fireworks on July 4th. Play this game, the writing is superb, voice acting is amazing, atmosphere is chilling and this game is awesome.
«Blew my mind»
«That Ending!»
While this expansion is not perfect, it brings enough content and quality-of-life changes that the games feel a lot more enjoyable now. I've already spent more than a month playing it for ~15-25 hours a week and I'm still coming back. The story is way more focused and concise, the new locations are great, there is stuff to grind, and things to achieve, which is basically what everyone was asking for. Suddenly the playerbase complains about gun X being too powerful and not about boredom, which is a great sign! And with the latest in-game event - "Festival of the Lost" Bungie has again proven that it can listen to player feedback and improve things - the event is way more fun than any other one so far, IMHO. So, to summarize - a great update that is totally worth checking out if you hesitated to try Destiny 2, or dropped it after release. You can also come and play the event if you only have the base game to see how it feels now.
I've played RE2 back in 2000 and I couldn't finish it because it was a borrowed game, now that I've revisited without the nostalgia glasses I can safely say that this game is as classic as it comes, sure the control scheme is very clumsy and at times the dramatic camera angles don't help it at all but, when you get the hang of it, it just makes sense. The environment and the enemies have this amazing horror atmosphere and also I really liked every character. Because of the localization or the acting or even that the story is not that good, at times, it feels a little cliche but it's OK, speaking of characters my least favorite must be Leon, is kinda boring but in the other hand, Ada and Claire are pretty cool. Also if you're into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure expect to encounter a lot of references. Overall is an amazing experience, like having a puzzle that by the end it just builds itself naturally. The rhythm of the game is also incredible I believe I played around 6 hours per character and I wanted more, the way that the 2 stories interact feels way ahead of its time (I believe they wanted to do a similar thing with RE 6). If you're looking for a thrilling experience and you haven't played it yet, please check it out.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»

Great game creators

Far Cry 5

Who needs guns when you have a shovel? It’s really an ultimate weapon in Far Cry 5. No animals or humans will escape from your little smiling friend. If they start running, just throw the shovel - the accuracy is the same but no bullet wasting! Take up to nine shovels and go hunting. Of course, you can also fight the cultists here but let’s be honest: years later the shovel will be everything to remember with a smile on your face.
«Blew my mind»
If you play alone, everything is OK but the co-op is awful. That’s strange because Ubisoft promoted the multiplayer as one of the main game’s features. However, they failed: the guest doesn’t have item progressions and it totally ruins the game. Ubisoft needs to fix it and quickly because now the co-op doesn’t really make sense.