Best GOG Exclusives

Created Oct 3, 2018 by RAWG Editorial
These games are not produced by GOG but if you don't have a physical copy anymore, only GOG can save you.
Mostly, it's the old classics.
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Okay, maybe there are some that are produced by GOG in a roundabout way through CDProjekt. Following the popularity of the mini-game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Gwent became a full card-playing title adding to the addictiveness of the original mini-game with more options, strategies and frustration! Plus, now it even branched out to the story-filled titles with Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales that's coming out this month.
SWAT 4 screenshot
When people say tactical nowadays they still refer to mostly guns-blazing gameplay with a variety of features that helps kill or outsmart enemies faster. SWAT 4 is one of the most tactical games ever made. Playing as a police man, the player needs to play by the book complying by the rules of engagement. Irrational Games (creators of Bioshock) created one of the most nail-biting tactical shooters with the great level and sound design, and ever-scaling difficulty which makes the player use more and more tactics and devices to overcome the challenges. And thank you. GOG, for having this masterpiece!
Another solid M-rated survival horror centered around a death row inmate who claims innocence for the murder of his wife and children, who is then plunged into battle with supernatural demons and entities. The game was a success at its time with a morality system that influenced the endings.
Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone screenshot
Set in Forgotten Realms of the D&D setting, this action RPG featured great graphics, sound design, acting and story by R.A. Salvatore who is basically responsible for a lot of Forgotten Realms lore.
Homeworld: Emergence screenshot
    A GOG exclusive that is a version of Homeworld: Cataclysm that couldn't be named as such due to Blizzard's trademark. It's a sequel to the original game and it's an RTS set in space.
    Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete screenshot
    The successor to the highly popular Neverwinter Nights. Taking in the best parts of the original game and making the story even more deeper with captivating characters and a deep role-playing system based on D&D, the second part is regarded as one of the best RPGs by Obsidian Entertainment.
    Well, had to choose the original but the series are represented on GOG in full glory. Heroes of Might and Magic is a turn-based fantasy-themed strategy game where the player needs to defeat the opposing armies by managing the city, hiring new units and utilizing spells.
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six screenshot
    One more tactical shooter that started the franchise. Even though nowadays with Siege that is focused on the gunplay and less on the planning the player can still see the familiar roots of one shot-one kill and other features in this original gem.
    Street Fighter Alpha 2 screenshot
    The classic beat'em'up arcade with fluid controls, memorable characters and enticing gameplay. Still holds it own when you want to beat your friends up... figuratively.
    Clive Barker's Undying screenshot
    A survival horror based on the works of Clive Barker which means supernatural, gore and overall creepiness. Wielding firearms and magic spells, the player gets to dive in the occult mystery. Undying is a solid game that unfortunately didn't sell well but still great to try on GOG.
    Ultima 4+5+6 screenshot
    As with the HoMM series, Ultima is also fully represented on GOG, but here 4+5+6 were chosen due to their superiority over the original games. They have more story, character development, gameplay tweaks and features that lures the player in even more. Doesn't hold well in the current times (it's 1985, come on) but still remains a classic in our hearts.