Dreamcast Classics That You Can Play Today

Created Sep 11, 2018 by Gorfest
The games that got remastered, put into collection or got rebooted but still retained the original classic spirit of old.
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Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut screenshot
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One of the best Sonic games for its time on Dreamcast, it was remastered for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in early 2010s. With updated graphics, removal of some of its glitches (though not all of them since speedrunners still are able to beat it under 35 minutes) and overall polish the game is highly enjoyable if you wanna go fast!
MDK 2 screenshot
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This is a Bioware game but not in a classic sense of the word. This is before all the ME, DA, Jade Empire games. It's a shoot'em'up about 4-armed dog, a crazy scientist and a janitor-turned-superhero trying to save the world by shooting bad guys up. A comic storyline, crazy antics and some unique gameplay features got the game HD remaster on PC not so long ago. Also, MDK stands for Murder, Death, Kill. Yeah, go figure.
Crazy Taxi (1999) screenshot
Crazy Taxi is exactly what it sounds like. Just rush through traffic, do some stunts, flips, tricks and get your passenger to the destination. With an HD remaster it's a fun fast-paced getaway from the everyday life that embraces the crazy in you.
The House of the Dead 2 (1999) screenshot
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As with Soulcalibur, House of the Dead started off as an arcade game but got very popular and deserved their own ports to PC and Dreamcast. PC version is still relatively easy to get on Steam. It's a shoot'em'up on rails that can be played alone or with a friend (but it's a hotseat). Very addictive and dumb, but fun!
Soulcalibur screenshot
Originally it was an arcade game but its popularity got it ported to Dreamcast. Now the game fits on a simple screen of your Android or iOS-based phone with an Xbox 360 version as well. One of the best weapon-fighting games with 8-way run style and forgivable input controls.
Omikron: The Nomad Soul screenshot
Developed by Quantic Dream (the ones behind Detroit: Become Human and other cinematic games). It's an adventure game that is still available on Steam that combines shooter, puzzle-solving and fighting elements. Its feature that makes the game stand out is that the character can reincarnate in another character in the world when dies. Quantic Dream never liked the game to be stopped by failing in their objective. Show must go on!
Shenmue I & II screenshot
The classic of Dreamcast days that after so many years finally came back and got its deserved remaster. And there's a third entry incoming. It was a revelation back in its time with a day-night cycle, a bustling city, tons of mini-games, compelling story and a exciting gameplay.
Grandia II Anniversary Edition screenshot
An RPG-classic that got its visual update, an addition of hard mode and some minor fixes for PC. There is a remaster incoming with the original game for PC and Switch. Grandia II aside from the usual turn-based system features a unique addition with limited movement that the player can use to time their attacks and retreat. And of course, the story is epic and involves the world-saving shennanigans.
Jet Set Radio screenshot
Graffiti art, skater gangs, riot police, hip music and cel-shaded graphics. Oh, and it's in HD now. Still holds a sweet spot in my heart when I just want to relive my youthful rebellion.
It's a port of original Rez where the player flies through the set path and shoots down the enemies. But the trick is that the shots are electronic music. In this port the path is no longer set and you can travel in any direction. Also it supports VR and 3D audio sound. Rez Infinite is so absorbing to play.