Amazing female developers and their games

Created Mar 7, 2018 by Sir Lagsalot
Here is the list of games, that were made possible thanks to the talanted female writers, producers, directors and programmers!
Thank you!
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    Don't tell me that the first time you played Uncharted, you weren't mezmerized by this games stunning graphics and amazing character design. Well, now you know at least one of the people you gotta tha…
      So much can be said about this cult classic... Kim Swift, who took part in designing Left 4 Dead, was on the team, responsible for this amazing game. 
        MySims screenshot
          Robin Hunicke. This Wii exclusive was designed with so much love, my little sister couldn't stop playing it.Robin also worken on Journey (!) which is mentioned in this collection.
            Robin Hunicke produced Journey, which would later become Game of the Year for many in the industry. 'Nuff said.
              Oh the good memories I have, travelling the weird toy-world controlling the ragdoll. This experience was made possible thanks to Siobhan Reddy, who is the co-founder of the Studio behind the game.