Games I'll Never Uninstall

Created Mar 28, 2018 by Runaway13077
This is more like a list of shame than a love letter to the games I can't delete.
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    The Cave is awesome. It's easy, funny and the cheaters win here. The knight that doesn't care about the princess is adorable. The dragon that eats the princess, is a cutie. Me, playing this game, is a…
      I return to this game once a year, forgetting everything I knew about cards and characters. And quests. And new packs. And I try just to learn all this new information, fail, play a couple of rounds, …
        I have such a long story with this game. I started it three times and finished just once, the Roche campaign. But one day I'll help Iorweth too. One day.If not me, my children will.
          Let's be honest, no one likes Dota. No. One. I don't like it too. But sometimes I play it. Maybe, I'll play it right after finishing this collection, who knows.Oh, the girls are so irrational.
            I will never finish this game but it's so beautiful! If I ever climb out of the cave I fell in during completing my last quest, I'll show you the landscapes.Oh.Don't wait, just google it.